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Review for Rte 1 Auto Service
KELLI G. on 08/09/2013
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"Sleezy Auto Place"
My car was towed there by AAA. I did not chose this place and neither should you. When I told them I was having my car picked up I was informed of a $25 fee that was not posted anywhere or disclosed to me until that time. I pointed that out and was met with "well what would you say if I just put your car out on the street then?" Honestly, I was so furious that I did respond with, "I would say you are an aXXhole." I am not proud of this response, but I am proud that I took my business elsewhere. I hope you do too.
Vehicle: Hyundai Accent
Service Date: 07/23/2013
Review Created: 08/09/2013 10:04 AM
Larry R. at Rte 1 Auto Service responded on 08/19/2013

There is a minimum charge posted at the service writers desk clear for all to see. We bent over backwards to help this person, After spending more than an hour diagnosing and writing an estimate, the customer stated she was going to have the car towed home during the call for authorization. She was told she just owed us for the mimimum charge of  $25. which caused the swearing on her part. I said She owed us and if she did not want to pay, her car could go out onto the street as I wanted nothing more to do with it, or be responsible for it.  In less than an hour she called up to apologize for blowing up and gave us a credit number for the Minimum charge of $25.00. I explained our time for diagnosing has a value. We had a technician laying on his back out in the parking lot diagnosing the damage for over 30 minutes. When the insurance declined her repairs, is when the problems began. This company, Rte 1 Auto Service, did nothing wrong,the fact is we tried to help her in all possible ways including baby sitting, and offering to call her insurance company after her initial call.