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Review for Rte 1 Auto Service
ROBERT S. on 10/09/2014
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"Personalized regular maintenance"
At 120,000 miles, our old Subaru is showing its age, but Larry and Scott and the crew at Rte 1 auto are helping to keep us on the road safely....indefinitely, it seems. Latest service at 120K was more than I planned for, but I am not a great planner. I expected a brake job (noted at my last visit to Rte1 Auto), however upon review of what was needed at this milestone, it was found after examination of my vehicle, that new struts were needed and I had not had a transmission and cooling system flush. So, I waited while the vehicle was given a complete check. It was noted that I would need a MA safety sticker in the next month, and that I had an exhaust leak, which was eliminated so that it would not cause failure of the state inspection. At the end of the service, I felt assured that I could depend on my car for another period of reliability without ANY breakdowns. Such is my experience with my dealings with Rte 1 Auto. They do their best and stand behind their work completely.
Vehicle: Subaru Forester
Service Date: 10/06/2014
Review Created: 10/09/2014 05:17 PM