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Review for Scott's Auto Center
Tom M. on 11/21/2013
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"NOt fixing the problem"
After spending $470 to replace a headlight and an exhaust rattle. Headlight $320, Exhaust rattle, louder than before.
But, After waiting a day and a half, for $600 more they will try again????
Replaced parts (maybe) never was shown the removed parts. And they have no quality control, or checking to see if they fixed the problem. The minute I started my car, Louder rattle. Returned to the clerk that I paid the $470, come back Tuesday and we'll make it right Wednesday for $600 more and no guarantee, just setting me up for a third try and who's knows how much.

The seniors that I have a meeting with Monday will be interested to know what going on there.

Oh, forgot after telling me that the exhaust system was all over the floor during my first visit, they did refund one hour labor. I can not fiure out how they remove the exhaust, removed brackets, installed new brackets and reinstalled the exhaust in one hours, I have to doubt they did all that, especially it worst now than when they started.
Vehicle: Cadillac CTS
Service Date: 11/15/2013
Review Created: 11/21/2013 01:53 PM
Scott M. at Scott's Auto Center responded on 11/23/2013

Mr. Miller,
I am very sorry for your experience. Our company policy for all repairs is that the car be driven and verified that the repair fixed problem. There was a total miss communication with the service advisor and mechanic. The service writer should have handled this totally different. We have a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Although we are all human and there is no excuse for the way he handled the situation. He has had a lot on his mind with medical issues with his wife. At minimum he should have offered a refund on the exhaust work or given you credit toward a repair that would have corrected the problem. As far as you questioning if we really did the work or not we still have the old parts if you would like them. Most customers do not like old dirty parts in car so we only return them if requested. I have built this business off honesty and integrity and that is why our parking lot is always full. We have over 17,000 customers in our data base with a 98% Approval rating. We appreciate your business and would like the opportunity earn it. Again I’m very sorry please let me know how we can happy.

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