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Derek M.
Port Crane, NY
Toyota Tacoma
Verified Customer
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07/15/2015 Category: Service
Derek said he was not happy with the price he paid for an oil change. He later found another business willing to do an oil change for $20 less than what he paid there. He does not know if high mileage oil was put into his vehicle and was not asked what kind of oil he wanted.
Scott S., Owner from Seery-Us Automotive Service, LLC responded on 07/16/2015

I spoke with Mr.Matilka and questioned his first visit with us. I apologized for the negative experience and explained we use a premium True 50/50 blend of the best synthetic oil, high quality oil filters, 34 point inspection, inspect & clean the air filter & box if replacement is not needed, set tire pressures and up to a gallon of washer fluid. All hinges & latches and pivot points lubricated. Our oil change is much more than draining oil and slapping a cheap filter on the vehicle for 19.99 not to mention the "recycled" Green Oil changes the chain stores use. I explained to him all of this for $9.75  and I charge cost on my filters and oil. Try to buy any oil let alone a premium synthetic oil for only $3.90 a quart. 
Mr.Matilda apologized for the post and admitted to having a really bad day.  He stated he really appriciated the follow up phone call from us to straighten out the misunderstanding and will definitely be returning in the future for service. 

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