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North Andover, MA
Chevrolet Silverado SS
Verified Customer
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Had my truck towed to the shop on 9/21. Paid 300.00 to install a battery because it would not start, got it home and still doesn't start. place sucks!!!!
Andrew d., LLC Manager from State Automotive Repair responded on 10/16/2018

The vehicle was towed in as a no start. Upon arrival we tested the charging system and found the battery testing as bad. We attempted a recharge of the battery and retested again. It called for a new battery based on the testing. We replaced the battery with customer approval and kept the vehicle over night and retested the charging system in the morning and the battery tested good. In addition, we tested the alternator and starter and both were testing fine. We test drove the vehicle and returned to our facility and again retested and all tested OK again. During the day, between other appointments, we returned to the vehicle and performed test starts and the vehicle started on every attempt. We also performed an oil change with customer approval. The final invoice was $303.20. We only charged for one charging system test and did not charge for the other tests. We also provided a AAA discount on our labor. I was sorry to learn that there was an additional issue with the customer's vehicle, but we did not find any other issues at the time of the customer's visit even with additional tests, and we are not the type of facility that throws parts at a problem. We also provided the computer report that the battery was bad upon arrival to the customer as evidence of a battery issue.

Newbury, MA
GMC Acadia
Verified Customer
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I left my SUV with you for your "Five Star Complete Auto Detailing" service and I was NOT notified when it was finished. It got left overnight in your lot with the windows rolled down, and bad storms with 2" of rain that evening ended up in my car!!! When i called the next day to check on it i was told it was done and i could pick it up. I found its soaking wet inside! The leather seats were water stained, the doors were all streaked with watermarks, the electronics and speakers in the door were filled with water, and the carpets were soaked!

They told me they would make good on it and remove the stains and soggy carpets but the damage done to the SUV inside the door from all the water is not something they even addressed. They did not offer me my money back, or even a partial refund! I was inconvenienced a whole extra day, and the car may have damage that I can not see and overtime may cause problems.

It was complete negligence on the part of state automotive. And I am not satisfied with the end result.
They should NOT have made me pay $230. after causing all that damage to my car and offered some compensation.
Andrew d., LLC Manager from State Automotive Repair responded on 08/25/2017

First, we are not without blame. If we had completed 1 (called the customer instead of texting) and 2 (left the windows all the way up), there would not have been any issues and we are confident that we would have a happy customer.

1 - Our detailer failed to call the night before to tell the customer that the vehicle’s detailing had been completed. He did however text the customer that it was done and at drop off we told the customer it would be done the same day. The customer states that she never received the text.

2 - The windows were left open and it did rain that evening. The detailer leaves the windows open a crack (approximately 4 - 6 inches) after every interior detailing, otherwise the vehicle will fog up inside. This is due to the interior carpets having been shampooed.

Also, it is true we did not offer a discount or refund – nor did the customer request one.

When the customer arrived in person on Wednesday morning about 11am, I listened to the customer’s concerns and immediately contacted our detailer who works off site. I explained to the detailer that the windows had been left open overnight and the customer was telling me there was 2” of water in the vehicle. He had not arrived at the detailing facility and he informed me that he would be in at approximately 12noon and agreed to go over things and make things right, the same thing that I had also told the customer moments before.

I proposed giving the customer a ride home and that we would bring her vehicle back to the detailer for him to address her concerns. The customer graciously accepted this compromise.

It was at this time that I actually stepped out of our facility to view the customer’s concerns. I approached the vehicle and opened the passengerside rear door and everything looked and smelled great. The customer then pointed out that the rear windows had not been left open and it was the front ones that had been. I closed the door and opened the passengerside front door expecting the worst possible situation under the circumstances, perhaps inches of standing water on the floor or worse. Instead, I found a dry seat, damp carpets and a couple of drops of water under the window on the door.

I repeated my apology and my desire to resolve her concerns. The customer needed to point out some marks on the door under the window to me as I didn’t see them at first glance. I agreed that the doors needed to be touched up. The customer stated that the seats had marks on them from water – which I could not see myself and I put my face inches away from the passengerside front seat to see if I could see anything unusual. In addition, the seat was completely dry and very clean from the detailing. The customer stated that the carpet was “soggy”. I felt the carpet and the mat over the carpet and they were both damp – exactly what you would expect after a carpet that was recently shampooed. I turned to the customer and explained that I had been expecting significant standing water and was then told that was not the case. The customer then said that there was not 2” of water in the car, but that it had rained 2” that night. However, the customer agreed with me that the carpet was damp to the touch and not soaked. I explained that this would be a quick clean up and probably take less than 20 minutes to resolve once the detailer started working on it.

I had the customer point out her concerns to my finance manager, since he would meet with our detailer. Our sales manager then dropped off the customer at her home, both the sales manager and finance manager reviewed the customer’s concerns with the detailer. The detailer brought the customer’s vehicle in ahead of a scheduled appointment and addressed the concerns. The lead detailer supervised and reviewed the work and contacted us once the work was completed less than an hour after we dropped off the customer. My finance manager (who also works in our service department) then contacted the customer and advised her that the work was completed and would it be OK to drop it off at her home. The customer stated she was out, but it would be OK to do. My finance manager then picked up the vehicle, inspected for the customer’s concerns and dropped off the vehicle at her home. Because we had limited personnel at the time, the finance manager dropped the vehicle off and walked back to our repair facility (which was miles away) because we didn’t want the customer to be without her vehicle.


In part, no discount was offered because on inspection of the customer’s concerns by myself (with the customer), our detailers, our sales manager and our finance manager we found no significant issue(s) ...

Although it MAY have rained 2" the night before, the interior was barely affected. The carpets in the front were damp - from the shampooing not the rain. The leather seats were dry but had some of evidence of where drops of water had been. There was some minor streaking on the interior door panels below the door windows.

There was no “damage” to the SUVs inside doors – and no speakers or electronics were affected.

The customer is preparing to sell the vehicle privately and she brought it in for a detailing that she had stated was very dirty. Ultimately, we performed 6 hours of detailing work to the vehicle for the $229.95 agreed upon.

Based on the tone of the complaint and the crux of the complaint focusing more on money than anything else, I honestly feel the customer is looking for something-for-nothing. As previously stated, we should have called instead of texting and the windows should not been left cracked open when the vehicle hadn’t been picked up by the customer. However, we strongly feel the complaint to be completely blown out of proportion and unreasonable.