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Jim L.
Tequesta, FL
Ram Pickup
Verified Customer
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Very poor follow up for work that needs to be redone.
After a normal rebalancing, I called back to see if we could redo the balance. The chief tech said to bring it back in the next day early and the would rebalance, check the tires for shelf life and even the drive shaft. I dropped the truck at 8 am. And at 4pm I went by to see the progress of the work. I was concerned because I drove by many times and saw my truck parked in the back off the main road. I was escorted by the chief tech to the truck to look and discuss the issues which was how it was test driven at much lower speeds by himself and another tech and found no vibrations. I again told him that they hadn’t achieved those speeds but he said he could not attain those on our local highway. Understood! So I asked if he had performed any of the othe test ie:; rebalance, look at the driveshaft. No. I then asked him why they had my truck all day and it was now 4pm and they had.not called me? He apologized and said he was sorry but they were very busy. Me too. Seems like this is a common follow up for the service industry in our area.
Tami B., Bookkeeper from Tequesta Tire Co Inc responded on 11/21/2019

Dear Jim,

We are very sorry that we did not meet your expectations. I understand that we are the second shop to diagnose a problem with this vehicle of tire vibration at speeds over 76 mph. The first day we had your truck we balanced your tires with our high speed balancer. You called later that evening saying that you still had the same issue. The Manager told he would look at other items that may be causing your issues. And, as you said, you dropped your vehicle back here the following day at 8 am. We examined the vehicle thouroghly to determine what may be causing the vibration. It was test driven by two different techs up to 70 mph.

At 4 pm you stopped by the shop to discuss the progress. Our Shop Manager apologized to you for not calling you earlier. We got busy and dropped the ball. Every customer is important to us. He told you that it was determined that in order for you to get the ride you want, you need new tires. The tires on the vehicle are the original tires and they are just no longer performing well. He told you that we would be happy to refund your money for the balancing.

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