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Jennifer S. on 02/12/2015
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"partial services done, bad staff communications. "
I brought my car in for A 120k tune up, brakes and new belts. I was very clear on what the car needed and had gotten a print out of what the service entailed for the 120k service a few weeks earlier. I got several calls throughout the day of my cars progress and being done and requested the financial total at each call. I was told around 1230 in the afternoon my car was done. I showed up at shop around 545 to get my car. I was handed an itemized invoice and told he would get my keys. As I waited I looked over the invoice I noticed it said nothing of the tranny flush that was supposedly done. Also I noticed I was taxed on services(not taxable in the state of wa) and parts. When I brought the tranny flush to attention the attendant whisked away to find out what was going on, waiting in the lobby for 10+ min he finally came back to tell me it was indeed not done. my car needed to stay over and get this done the next day. I was kind of irritated, but decided to not be upset cause I wanted it done anyways. Then we went over the invoice again and the attendant said they were going to need to add the tranny flush and it would increase the invoice. as I had checked on the invoice and services done multiple times and was insured everything was done, charging me extra was not acceptabLe considering this had all now become an inconvenience and two day venture And i had been told it was all doNE.

The next day I heard nothing about my cars status. I ended up having to call and was told they were modifying the invoice so I would be called back shortly. When I was called I was told the total was $11 more than it had been the night before, not a big deal And i was willing to accept this. I then brought up the over taxing of this invoice and was told I would have to talk to a manager regarding this, I understand and said that would be great. I was told the manager was busy and would need to talk to him when I picked up the car. when I went to get the car, I was irritated by the spotty communication, half done services and lack of proofing the invoice the day beforE. had I not caught the invoice error, the service offered in a bundle by Toyota wouldn't have been done as it is supposed to have been. I picked up the car, invoice was modified to show the correct taxing and the full service done. I was never followed up with, with my service advisor or the manager, was not given any explaination or apology of the issues I had or lack of services done. I would have expected some sort of good will offering or client satisfaction and retention to be a priory.

My car has gone to Puy Toyota for years, I do have the option of going elsewhere and paying less, but have always trusted my car was in the best hands being with a certified toyota shop. I now will be taking my car elsewhere. I no longer trust things will be getting done properly or want to have to be my own advocate in ensuring everything will be done and business ediquette And customer service Not be a priority.
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Service Date: 02/11/2015
Review Created: 02/12/2015 05:04 PM
Rich C. at Toyota of Puyallup responded on 02/18/2015


I attempted to contact you via phone as well, but wanted to follow up with a written response.  Please accept my apologies for the way your last service visit turned out.  Hopefully you can tell by your past visits and history with our dealership that this definitely is not the normal way we operate.  I was able to identify what occurred that caused the transmission service not to be done initially.  It turns out it was a communication issue from our advisor to the technician.  I can assure you that we will not make that mistake again!  Our biggest goal is to ensure that our customers are fully aware of all services provided and we follow up 100% with their expectations. 
Regarding the sales tax issue, labor and parts are taxable in the state of Washington.  Parts are subject to non-taxable status.  However, even in the event an individual has tax-exemption status on parts (for example an Oregon resident), that individual always pays tax on labor, regardless.
In light of our mistake made on not doing the transmission flush, I see we applied a 15% discount to your invoice.  I hope that lowered the final bill from what your initial expectations were, but please let me know if there are further questions or concerns with that.  We greatly value your business and I appreciate your frustrations with this latest visit.  My goal is to make sure that all of your questions are answered and we correct any errors we have made or that may still be oustanding. 
Thank you so much for the feedback and I hope to hear back from you soon.  You can certainly call me directly as well.

Rich Conley
Customer Relations Manager/Assistant Service Manager
Toyota of Puyallup