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David B.
Louisa, VA
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Not honest
I had my vehicle in to have tires balanced and come to find out later that they had broken my wheel lock key and 2 lock nuts on one side and left off 1 lug but off completely and just put the key back in the glove box with out saying a word,had to take to dealer to get them out at a cost of 280.00,and they won’t take care of it like they should!!!

Tracy S.
Palmyra, VA
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State Inspection Fraud ***Watch Out***
I took my car for Virginia State inspection and got taken. They failed my car for having surface rust on the outside 1/8" of my rotor where the brake pads do not touch. I
Intend to return to the shop with a Trooper accompanying me to inspect their station. Hopefully their license to inspect will be pulled so they can't defraud others in the near future.
There is no telling how many poor college students have been taken by their shady businesses practices in the past.

Before I had them inspect my vehicle I asked the sales person how much it was to get the inspection and he told me that it was still $16. I asked how they made any money at that rate he said from the repairs that the inspections generated. I immediately informed him that I did all of my own repairs. I guess he didn't pass that along to the mechanic who inspected my car.

Crozet, VA
Honda Pilot
Verified Customer
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Please call
I would like for Larry Williams to call me before I post anything.

Atlanta, GA
Toyota Corolla
Verified Customer
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Slow and expensive
I was there, first thing in the morning. They charged over $250 to install 5 bolts in the front tire and about 2 hours worth of labour. I waited there for over 8hours.

They also couldn't find the part I needed, and could only find a brand-new equivalent part (wheel rim) costing over $550.

No thanks guys, I'll check the junk yard for the part, and find someone else to do the work.

Charlottesville, VA
Pontiac Vibe
Verified Customer
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The first time I went to University Tire and Auto, I had a wonderful experience and received great service at a very fair price.

The past two times I have gone to University Tire and Auto, and I have been very disappointed. They told me the service I requested was not possible without purchasing an entirely new part, and they wanted to charge me 6x what the fix should have cost.

Both times, I took my car elsewhere and received excellent service, the fix I requested without purchasing a new part, and they charged me a fraction of what University Tire and Auto wanted to charge. I won't be going back there for car service.

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