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Carl T.
Charlottesville, VA
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Poor Service and Uncaring Manager’s
Our first Problem was 2 Year’s ago. We had an oil change done, We left and the oil light came on. We returned, The Oil Filter Gasket was bad. The worst Problem happened Today. We bought 4 New Tires 3 Week’s ago and had the Oil changed. We noticed the Left Front Tire was low on Air. We went by Seminole Square, We told Them what was wrong. We Quote ( There are Customer’s head of You, do You want to jump in front of Them ), We said no and We returned this Morning. They checked ALL 4 Tires and could not find anything wrong???? We also told Them some oil was leaking. They told Us it probably was the oil pressure was leaking, it would cost $ 117.00 to fix. Being very Frustrated, We called Bill at University Tire and Auto in Ruckersville. He told Us to come to Ruckersville. We did and They put The Soap Solution around The Tire Stem’s and all around. The Value Stem was leaking. It was bubbling up around the Area. Seminole Square said nothing was wrong. We could have had a flat Tire in the Near Future. NOTHING was wrong with the Oil Pressure leaking, older Car’s do leak some, We were told that maybe too much oil was put in on the last oil change, it could have been Anything, however, nothing costing $ 117.00. It makes One not trust Your Mechanic for sure. Although out of the way a little, We trust Bill and will be going to Ruckersville for sure. Bill used to be the Manager at Seminole Square. He is very kind and takes care of His Customer’s for sure. There is a high turnover of People working at Seminole Square, that does not happen at Ruckersville. Be Leary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We called Seminole Square when We got Home from Ruckersville, We explained that Seminole Square had lost a Customer and We explained what happened, They said nothing and could have cared LESS for SURE

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