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Riverside, CA
Toyota Camry
Verified Customer
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Way overpriced, unnecessary, & incomplete repair work
Took my Camry to have the power steering pump looked at. Was told that I needed to have several hoses replaced before they could even see if the pump was leaking. The cost of the hoses and labor alone were ridiculously overpriced. Took my car to another repair shop. Had one hose that needed to be replaced. Have had problems with repair work on my Honda which required me to take the car back in to have it fixed. Oil leak after you did an oil change, then a transmission leak after you changed the transmission fluid, plus when we picked the car up the mechanic came out and said that he hadn’t finished tightening up the lug nuts after rotating the tires!! Won’t be bringing our cars to you any longer.

Joseph E.
Riverside, CA
Verified Customer
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11/20/2017 Category: Service
Joseph said the employees at this business ruined the brakes on his vehicle.
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Riverside, CA
Ford Windstar Wagon
Verified Customer
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every time i have taken cruiser or van in its worse when i get it back
I think you should fix my cars like you were paid to do

Riverside, CA
Ford F450 Super Duty
Verified Customer
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Have had our 2003 Ford F450 at Woodcrest Auto for over 45 days and it is still not repaired after spending over 7000.00 in the last 6 months. When we stop to check on the progress we get the same story from Marc. I'm not sure it might be this it might be that. He always has some form of excuse. The owner Steve has NOT been available on any of our calls or when we stop at the shop.

Marc says he will call and give us a update on the vehicle but never does the only contact we have had with this shop is when we call of stop to check on the progress. We have lost all faith in this business and I would not recommend them to anyone. I feel that with the absence of the owner on site it has become unprofessional and unreliable.

Richard W.
Riverside, CA
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Scam Artists!
NO NOT USE WOODCREST AUTO. Dropped 2004 Dodge Dakota with clicking noise. After $250 in labor just to diagnose it they said it was a guide to the timing chain. Here comes the scam! So a timing chain now turns out I need to replace three, I found a kit with everything I need for $400 but they of course broke it up individually and charged accordingly. The three chains from them was $448 which after doing research I didn't need to replace chains but they made me think I did. It was a bad guide which came in a kit but they charges me 3 individual guides even though only one was bad, another $200. Recommended replacing the oil pump that didn't need replacement for $250 which the most expensive I found was $139. They said I needed valve cover gaskets, oil pan gasket, oil, coolant, etc. What I thought mentioned over the phone was $1100-$1200 was $2200+ so over $1000 profit! The same name used in positive feedback (Marc) is 100% staged! 100% scam artists! Could have bought a new engine for that amount!

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