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2017 BMW 2 Series
Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5
Favorite car
This is my new favorite of all the different types of vehicles I've driven or owned. I had never owned a BMW before so decided to take a look when I was in the market for a new car in January. My old car was a Lexus RXh 400, which is also a great car. It was difficult to let it go, but as a single guy, it was larger than I ever needed and seriously lacking in sex appeal.

After originally being interested in a 300 series, I ended up in a BMW 280i. I was really interested in a 2-door, and in addition to being 4-door-only, the 300 still felt too big and too family-style. I decided to test the 200 series, and possible the 400 series coupes. After driving the 280i, I was sold. The car felt so solid on the road, and the power of the transmission was impressive, especially the nice kick of sport mode. After comparing the 280i to the M2, I chose the 280i. The M2 has some additional features with a slightly sportier look, but the 280i more than met all my needs.

The one thing it didn't have, surprising in 2017, was built-in navigation. This wasn't a big deal since I prefer to use Waze on my phone, but it seems to me like a universal mobile phone mount would be way more useful in today's world than the entertaining yesteryear relic called an ashtray. My few friends who smoke never even smoke in their cars. I overcame this challenge with a mount that clips onto my air conditioner vents. It is good enough but would be better if the cigarette lighter was a USB port connected to the sound system, like the one in the center console, which is comparatively distant from where it is needed.
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