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Larry C. on 01/26/2017
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Larry said he was recommended to the business and everything that he feared would happen, happened. They were charged for repairs that didn't take place, after the first service was done the engine didn't run the same, and then he was charged another $1500 for the work to be redone. He is very upset with this situation.
Vehicle: Chrysler PT Cruiser
Category: Service
Service Date: 12/21/2016
Review Created: 01/26/2017
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Kirsty M., General Manager at Lakewood Transmission Inc. responded on 01/30/2017

We here at Lakewood Transmission take great pride in the work we provide to our customers, we would never charge for a service that we did not perform. When I look back at your records I see we were chasing a leak on the transmission, this can be a cumbersome task, yet one we still take great pride in. When you came in we found the leak was present at the solenoid block area. When we removed, the solenoid block we found the gasket was ripped and confirmed the fluid loss was coming from the solenoid block area. We also noted the coolant was low, wheel bearing noise present and the brakes needed attention. At that time, you only allowed us to replace the solenoid block and perform a transmission service. Both repairs were completed. Once the re check was completed after the test drive, no leaks at the transmission were found at that time.

   When you returned for a leak check, at that time we noticed the case behind the solenoid block has stress cracks and the transmission needs to come out for case replacement and rebuild. I addressed that the cost of repairs for the solenoid block replacement and the service will be credited back toward your needed repairs. At that time, you declined.

   Customer service is a major priority for us here at Lakewood Transmission, we will not mislead or deceive our customers in any way. I would like to invite you in for a complementary in air visual inspection. We would like to lift the vehicle, show you the location of the solenoid block and visually show you the area that is leaking on your transmission. At that same time, you can see that the solenoid block on your transmission is new and the pan gasket also has been recently replaced. The transmission pan will also be clean. The services we recommended are the services that we provided, we never though that the case was the issue since the solenoid gasket was torn.  I look forward to helping you in the future with your transmission and automotive needs. Please feel free to give us a call at your earliest convience. 

Leon K. on 10/15/2016
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Leon said his experience at this business was horrible. He took his vehicle there for transmission repair. They charged him $2,400. He needed some work done on his brakes and they wanted to charge him $2,300 for that. They lowered that to $1,400. He paid cash for the work done and the total was $6,100. He said he is very upset with them. They charged him $190 to put his lug nuts back on. His rear main hub is leaking oil. The transmission is not changing gears correctly. He called to inform them how unhappy he was and they did not offer him an itemized statement of the repairs performed. There was no written estimate given to him and he asked three times for one. He regrets ever going to this business. He said he felt they nickel and dimed him the whole way through and beat around the bush when he wanted answers. It was a game the whole way through. He is going to have another mechanic look at his vehicle. He is disgusted and wants to get an attorney.
Vehicle: Ford Pickup
Category: Service
Service Date: 10/12/2016
Review Created: 10/15/2016
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Kirsty M., General Manager at Lakewood Transmission Inc. responded on 10/20/2016

Hello Leon,

Thank you for accepting our invitation to return for a complete visual inspection of all the repairs that we performed on your 1996 Ford F250. After a thorough explanation of all the repairs and a visual inspection of everything that was done, it was clear we had a communication breakdown when we presented the charges at time of the completed repairs. In no way would we ever or did we ever charge $190.00 to replace lug nuts. No leaks are present on any of the repairs that were performed at your request. Explaining to you the customer the transmission is working correctly, that the shifting concern is engine related. We provided a referral to you for further engine diagnostics and repairs since we do not perform diesel engine repairs. When you requested a written estimate, we never tried to withhold that from you, we were currently working on the estimate and you ran out of time due to your very busy schedule. We here at Lakewood Transmission take our careers very seriously and we never want a customer to leave upset or not having a complete and clear understanding of the repairs that were authorized and performed on their vehicle. We look forward to working with you and continuing to take care of your transmission, transfer case and differential needs.

Kirsty Martin
General Manager
Lakewood Transmission

Hugh K. on 03/08/2016
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Hugh said he had a transmission overhauled for his vehicle and to have just a standard rebuild would have been around $2,100 to $2,200, but was advised by the employees to put a better performance part on his vehicle, spending an additional $3,300. Shortly after warranty the transmission went out, and was informed that the transmission needed to be redone again, costing an additional $1,600 to redo after getting it repaired for $3200. He was left with a vehicle he cannot drive with 30,000 miles and a outed transmission. He said he can no longer afford to have the vehicle redone. They didn't stand behind their product and he is curious on how many people would be their customers, if they realized they would only get 30,000 miles out of there transmission and says that there wouldn't be a customer there. He offered to pay an additional $800 and since he did pay extra money for extra longevity, he did not get a proper transmission back. He agreed to pay a little more, if they would extend the warranty and extra year and an additional 12,000 miles but they declined his offer. They will not stand behind their product.
Vehicle: Dodge Pickup
Category: Service
Service Date: 03/04/2016
Review Created: 03/08/2016
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