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Germansville, PA
GMC Savana Special
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Seemed high in price but I am not comparing to anyone else
Russell B. from A & M Service Center responded on 11/17/2015

Hi Jeff, thank you for your feedback. I understand pricing is always a concern and I am trying to keep pricing low while still using quality parts. We do not just replace parts solely on a check engine code but use that to point us in the direction to find the root cause of your check engine light coming on in the first place.

I do my best trying to use the best parts available at the lowest prices I can find. I am against using cheap parts that will fail a year later causing a return visit for something that should have been fixed right the first time, I avoid using anything Chinese if there is an alternative and will use products made in the USA if at all possible.  My view is that if I would not use a part on my personal vehicle then I would never install them on a customers car.

All labor times are based off of Motors labor guide and would be the same as any other shop that uses the same.  I'd be interested in hearing your assessment of our pricing structure after you've had an opportunity to compare it to other companies in the business.

Thanks again for taking the time to offer your feedback.  Russ Barone

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