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Orlando T. on 01/05/2016
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Orlando said he had a bad experience with this business. He is sorry to say they had hidden charges, but his vehicle works after service. The work they did was fine, but he stated that he felt like they took advantage of him. Just to get out of the facility, he had to pay $60 just for the alignment check. It did not state anywhere about the alignment fee before he went in. He had an appointment at another business who would provide his service for free. He had passed this business and thought that maybe they could provide the service quicker than the other facility. During his visit, he was informed of service that he needed in order to get an alignment. It would cost $60 for the other service as well as $69 for the actual alignment. The employee tried to charge him double. He was not happy with this facility. He had initially spoke with the owner. When he got back, he was greeted by his son who was much younger and more aggressive. The employees did a good job providing service and it is aligned. He mentioned something about a warranty, and he wished he had asked about that before receiving service. The employee laughed at him and told him there was no way of the warranty for alignment. He paid almost $300 for service when he was expecting to pay $70. It was $200 to change a tire rod, which he could have done himself for $30. He is partially mechanically inclined and told the employee so. In order to change that part he would have to bring it back to this business and end up paying double. He talked to another business and they said there was no way they would do that to him. If he was an old man or old woman, he definitely would not recommend going to this business. He believes they would completely take advantage of someone who did not know what they were doing. The only reason he still did the service was that he was not going to pay the fee just for putting his vehicle up and getting it looked at, which they already knew was why he took it to them. All he needed was a diagnosis and to get the problem fixed.
Vehicle: Mitsubishi Lancer
Category: Service
Service Date: 12/23/2015
Review Created: 01/05/2016
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PAT R. on 12/26/2015
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"Personalized attention"
Thanks, Monty for catching the worn out tires. Got them replaced at Costco after Chad at Tire World said he couldn't match the price.
Vehicle: Toyota Camry
Service Date: 12/21/2015
Review Created: 12/26/2015 10:45 PM
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