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Springfield, MO
Chevrolet HHR
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I took my car to Bohannan, who has been my go to mechanic and I have trusted for over 3 years and I have always been satisfied. Unfortunately this time there was some sort of miscommunication. I took my car there because it had trouble starting in the mornings, but started fine the rest of the day. The car was in the shop for two days whereby the exhaust cam timing solenoid was replaced and the powertrain control module was reprogrammed which did not correct the problem and the check engine light was still on. I was advised to take to dealership for a reprogram of the alcohol content sensor. Dealership diagnosed issue as clogged fuel injectors and the alcohol content sensor was malfunctioning because of the clogged fuel injectors. Once the clogged fuel injectors were cleaned, the alcohol content sensor was functioning appropriately. The car runs great and the engine light is off. I am disappointed that Bohannon didnt identify the clogged fuel injectors in the first place. I could have probably saved time and money.

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