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Dawn P.
Davidson, NC
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Driving crazy
Almost tried to kill me tonight on Cox mill road. Reported the driver to the police and to the on call service

Heather B.
Oakboro, NC
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Terrible place
They screw people over. Put used parts on your car and charge you for brand new parts.
The NC DMV investigated the owner Scott. His company falsifies documents.
Do not use this service. They will screw you over. The former owner Dave Ray needs to know that Scott mistreats his customers. The ex employee Sonny was not certified to noterize contracts.

C P.
Statesville, NC
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AAA 33-yearMembee, Nightmare Experience with Precision
Oh my word! What a nightmare! Tonight I was driving home after a very long, exhausting day. I use oxygen and my O2 had run out, I was only 6 miles from home after having just picked up my car from the dealership after an oil change. I was tired, hurting, and fighting off a Mast Cell allergic reaction. My car started behaving poorly and I was forced to pull off on 77S and call AAA. They said they would make it a priority due to medical issue. I hung up and waited. I received a call from AAA that the driver was on his way. Then a call came in from an unknown number. I answered and it was a driver flipping out asking me how many people I had with me because he was supposedly told that he was "just picking up a car". I had to get him to calm down because he was ruled up about that. I told him I had already arranged it that my hubby would meet us at the car. He has a 2-seatee and would take me and our son would ride in the truck with him. He said ok. About ten or so minutes later a flatbed arrives, loads the car I got in my hubby's car and we started out to Mooresville. A minute or two later my phone rings. I answer and I've got that original driver yelling at me about calling another tow company after telling him to come and why did I do that, why didn't I wait for him???? YELLING at me!!!! I was stunned and confused because I thought he was the guy driving the truck in front of us!!! He says no because he saw us pull away as he pulled up. He repeatedly accused me if calling more than one company, which I never did. I made ONE phone call and that was to AAA. When I told him that HE HUNG UP ON ME! I called AAA and they advised me that THEY had made the second call. They filed a complaint with mgmt at AAA for me and apologized profusely. I tried calling Precision and got a man who identified himself as a boss when I asked if he was the boss. I proceeded to explain to him how his employee treated me not once but twice. He became very belligerent toward me, telling me that his trucks have recording devices in them. I said that's terrific, to please listen to it regarding both calls and he would hear what his employee said and how he said it. He started interrupting me as I was trying to explain this to him and started screaming at me. At this point I was at the end of my rope. I was in a good deal of pain, I'm worried about my car and the expense to repair whatever is wrong on top of over $300,000 in medical bills we are dealing with with the life-threatening cardiac and genetic disease issues I've been fighting for almost three years. Now I'm having to defend myself against accusations from a tow truck driver that I have NO IDEA what he's talking about, I've been without oxygen for more than an hour, and now the drivers boss is being hateful, rude, and disrespectful. I about burst into tears! I called AAA back and filed a higher-level complaint. I cannot comprehend how this company stays in business if they treat the customers referred to them by AAA with such abject vitriol and disrespect. I will NEVER allow them anywhere NEAR my vehicles...I do not care HOW LONG I need to wait for another truck!!! I only called requesting help ONCE. I would not have called another towing company because it would not have been covered by AAA if I had. Trust me, there will be a BBB complaint filed tomorrow as well. Behavior like this is utterly shameful!

Ted B.
Huntersville, NC
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The facts
Precision Maintenance & Service is reasonably priced with towing & their hourly rate. That said, they treat their corporate accounts very different than their consumer business. I paid every invoice as soon as I received it and never pitched a fit despite them taking 3 months to even diagnose my vehicle. I had to chase them down to get any updates. When I decided to get my vehicle and take it elsewhere and asked them for a discount in lieu of their bad service, rather than apologize for their unprofessional practice, the owner (Scott) accused me of not paying my bill (which I never received) then threatened to place a lien on my vehicle.

It's also important to note all these great reviews are for Daveray Auto Service and the previous owner. There's no way these reviews are for Precision Maintenance & Service and certainly not for Scott.

Terrible customer service! Absolutely no comparison to Christian Brothers Automotive.

gary T.
Concord, NC
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really rude
Could not give an estimate or date for work to be performed. Very rude, and could care less about the customer. I had used their oil change service several times previously before needing a repair. I will happily pay a few extra dollars up the street to avoid the bad attitude at Daveray auto.

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