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Latest Review 2 days ago
Joe H. on 04/19/2017
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"Return call"
The work was done and I picked up my car and noticed that the driver side window did not completely go to the top of the door. My battery has been replaced and I called Desert oasis to report the failure to reprogram the window. I have yet to receive a return call
Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz C350
Service Date: 04/14/2017
Review Created: 04/19/2017 09:37 AM
Jacki K. at Desert Oasis European Auto Service & Repair responded on 04/20/2017

Dear Sir,
We are sorry to hear you are having a problem with your window since your visit. We would like to resolve the issue for you. We have tried to call you many times but have yet to recieve a call back. Please call us or simply stop by the shop so we can take a look at the problem you are having. We cannot fix the issue without seeing the vehicle. George will be here until 5pm today and 8-3 tomorrow. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ernie F. on 03/29/2017
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"Not sure service was as should have been. Did I get done what I needed to get done?"
Originally asked for 30K service. Was told by rep that was oil change and inspection. When paying, saw that cabin filter service was waived by me yet I never was given that option. Trusted you guys to tell me what I needed for 30K and not sure I got it?
Vehicle: Volkswagen Jetta
Service Date: 03/28/2017
Review Created: 03/29/2017 06:31 AM
Jacki K. at Desert Oasis European Auto Service & Repair responded on 03/29/2017

I must thank you for bringing the caption on our invoices to my attention. It can be unclear without it being explained. We apologize for the any confusion our system may have caused in this visit. Your vehicle was inspected as the 30K service states. The cabin air filter is not a standard replacement at this service. This is a piece of the puzzle which may not have been explained during check out and the email was keyed incorrect to bounce back the inspection link. The staff and I talked about the mis-communication and we have corrected the email. I have since changed the captions to read more clearly. We agreed to contact you in hopes we can gain your trust as your European Car Care Center. It was my pleasure to speak with you today. We hope to see you soon but not to soon. I have noted our resolve in your profile. Take care and safe travels this weekend, Jacki

Michael J. on 10/18/2016
Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5rating 3rating 3
"Service was great, follow up not so much"
The service was routine but carried out quickly. The staff are always friendly. I was confused though, because I did not receive any verbal feedback when I picked the car up, but just received an email detailing some pretty major work they recommend. It doesn't make sense, especially as I had at least one of the jobs done fairly recently
Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz SL500
Service Date: 10/14/2016
Review Created: 10/18/2016 12:28 PM
Jacki K. at Desert Oasis European Auto Service & Repair responded on 12/06/2016

Hi Mr. J,
I know George contacted you directly in response to your delayed inspection recommendations the day we received this review. We apologize we confusion with your auto repairs. I see you did complete the recommendations. I hope your expectations were met during that visit. We thank you for bringing the response delay to our attention. We are working to improve the procedures for this part of our service.
We welcome all suggestions for we are always trying to improve or business and it processes. Happy Holidays, George, Jacki & Team Oasis 

Leabert U. on 01/21/2016
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Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5rating 3rating 3
Brought my car in because of an ABS light on my dashboard. They did a diagnostic test and inspected my car for an hour. They said the rear left ABS sensor needed to be replaced. They didn't have the time to fix it so I needed to come back next week. Estimate was $340. I just replaced the two right side ABS sensors in October in Hawaii at Capitol Auto Service. The total labor cost was $146.18. That's about $70 labor to change one sensor in Hawaii. So, $340 seems very expensive for parts and labor to change just one.
Vehicle: BMW 528i
Service Date: 01/20/2016
Review Created: 01/21/2016 12:28 PM
Jacki K. at Desert Oasis European Auto Service & Repair responded on 01/22/2016

Hi Mr. L.U.,
I welcome all viewpoints from my customers and yours is one of complete value to me and our team. I have reviewed your rating and your original complaint, invoice and estimate for your recommended repair. I have available to me, the time your car was clocked into our shop and clocked out. This time my technician put into it was one hour eighteen minute. My team explained the cost and time it will take to repair your vehicle, they trustingly made an appointment for you at no charge first visit. We use only OEM parts and our labor charge for specializing in the European automobiles is among the lowest in Las Vegas. I am not sure of charges on the island but this is what we built our value on here in Las Vegas. Thank you for your opinion.

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