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Neal A.
Lawrence, KS
Toyota Tacoma
Verified Customer
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Customer Service.
Until the work I requested last month I’ve been happy with the quality of work and the level of service I received at En-Tire.
I called and made an appointment for the following day for an alignment and tire balance then left my truck over night with the early bird service at En-tire.
When I received my truck back I drove it to Kansas City and the steering wheel was shaking so much it unnerved me. When I called I talked with Michael and tried to get clarity on want work was done and was cut short with a statement of, “do you want to bring it back it and have it checked out?”
Long story short, Michael found that my tires were rotated not balanced and I also had a damaged wheel. Michael seemed angry and hateful. He said that the work-order clearly stated rotate. He didn’t address if I had marked the early bird work request for a balance or if I had made the mistake of checking the rotate box. I had to ask him several time to balance the tires and to place the bad rim on the back.
I remained claim and was polite, but I was treated with disrespect and was charged $35. If Michael had shown me that I had requested a rotation and not a balance that would be one thing and the $35 would not be an issue. But to be treated with hostility is an issue.

Caralane M.
Lawrence, KS
Ford Escape
Verified Customer
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Very timely positive Response
I appreciate the fact that En-tire responded to my concern so quickly. It is a relief to know that I can continue to trust the work. I have always been treated with respect, and with the response I had today I feel I will continue to be respected. I would definitely recommend using En-Tire for any car service. Thank you!

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I really trusted and now I am Disappointed
I have trusted En-Tire for a long time, and felt that didn't recommend things that weren't needed. I guess I took forgranted that when any work was done on our vehicles that the basic things like tire rotation would also be done if needed. On this vehicle all 4 tires were from you, therefore our understanding was that the tire rotation was free. We were told on Wednesday that the front 2 need replacing, the tread is worn. If the tires had been looked at and rotated this wouldn't be the case. I'm not sure what your policy really is on tire rotation, and I guess I really need to understand it so that we don't have the same thing happen again. I would really like to continue using your business, I need to have a trustworthy car center. I would appreciate a reply so that I can better understand what happened.
Dave E. from En-Tire Car Care Center responded on 06/12/2015

Caralane,  It was a pleasure speaking with you today.  As people usually find, customer service concerns are usually communication problems.  Thank you for allowing me to work with you to resolve this weeks concern and address our system for you to avoid errors in the future.

Neil Wakefield

Dave E. from En-Tire Car Care Center responded on 06/12/2015

Thank You


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