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kai m.
Ponte Vedra, FL
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Beware!! Dishonest Shop...
In mid 2015, Euro Spec insisted to replace my Mercedes CLS tires with Continental Tires. In less than 20,000 mi the front left tire has a golf ball size tumor protruding out of the sidewall. I start reading reviews from Continental online which shock me that many many peoples had great deal of issues with this brand.(one star rating!) My tire was sent up to Continental Carolina headquarter for evaluation but found inconclusive. They offered me a prorated replacement which I refused. I think it's a reckless endangerment issue must be address ASAP.
Last year they've replaced the front brake pads. Since then I've been going back(2X) to complaint about the harsh pulsation from the front end during braking. They flush the brake fluid adjusted the brakes(twice) and even suggested to replace the tires but it never solved the vibration issue. So I brought my car to a Mercedes specialist and they instantly told me it was caused by 2 different type of brake pads(front & back). In another word, they've installed a wrong kind of brake pads on my car.
I've spent a few thousand bucks with them in the past 3 years they should have a moral obligation to replace my tires and brake pads but "NO" they didn't no even an apology.
Shame, shame shame.

Donicia H.
Orange Park, FL
Audi A4
Verified Customer
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Not good experience
Took vehicle in for a free service check. Received no quotes just notes saying what all was needed, guess ill guess how much it will cost? They ended up doing a oil change ($100) then advised i had oil leak and didnt tell me anything about how to fix it..car has been acting funny every since they touched it like they did stuff to make me have to come back and get fixed... 1. walked to car and the key control buttons on keychain wasnt working to unlock car, (i googled how to reset that) 2. A/C was blowing nice and cold when i took the car there...got it back blowing HOT! called them to advise and they said oh coincidence stopped working? 3. Check engine light came on, on my way home. Oriellys read code and it oil pressure level (i got oil changed there).
Euro Spec T. from Euro Spec, Inc. responded on 10/31/2014

Ms. Donicia,
We are sorry about your experience with the service here. We failed to give you the estimates as we were very busy and took you in last minute to accomodate your busy schedule and the vehicle was only left with us for half a day. Also you had let us know that you were having issues with a noise when turning on the air conditioning.  We did not have a chance to check on this and therefore cannot be blamed on it not working. The noise might have manifested into an actual problem. The engine was extremely low on oil when it came in. We did do an oil service on the car and added the correct amount of oil. What probably  happened was that the code took a while to actually illuminate. Please call us if there is anything we can do to help you.
Best Regards,
Ryan Merchan

Allen N.
Audi A6
Verified Customer
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09/16/2014 Category: Service
Spoke with Bernita. She said her experience with the facility was not good. They charged her $100 just to tell her they would not be able to fix her vehicle and she would not recommend them based on this.
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Attila F.
Jacksonville, FL
Audi A6
Verified Customer
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08/18/2014 Category: Service
Attila said he was not satisfied with his experience at the business because they sand-blasted his valves instead of using the more approved method of walnut shells. This caused his vehicle to run rough and blew three of his injectors. He mentioned the business was going to charge him $180 a piece for two of his injectors while another business was charging $135. He would not recommend them for service because of this and will be filing a lawsuit against them.
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Sarah F.
Jacksonville, FL
BMW 530i
Verified Customer
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01/22/2014 Category: Service
Sarah said they went ahead and serviced her vehicle when she specifically told them not to do the work. The price was higher than the quote.
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