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Oregon, WI
Toyota Prius
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Good service but ask first
The work performed was good but the extra work done was unexpected and not approved. The time you rotated my tires without me requesting them be rotated was irritating. This time you charged for a reset without letting me know. I changed my cabin filter myself is discovering you had been going into my glovebox to photograph it to convince me to change it. I did not care for that either.

Scott H.
Oregon, WI
Acura MDX
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Great service on battery replacement. Miss-lead on tire repair
Brought our vehicle in to have the battery replaced and a slow leak in one of the tires replaced. They tested the charging system and discovered the battery needed to be replaced. This seemed reasonable as we've been having issues with the battery holding a charge. They looked at the tire and determined the leak was not fixable and the tire needed to be replaced for $250 plus labor. I elected to take the vehicle to the place where we originally purchased the tires to see if there was any warranty left. They took a look and said the leak was easily patch-able so there wasn't a charge. Maybe the person performing the service at Wille's wasn't as experienced, but I was a little disappointed as if I wouldn't have gotten a second opinion we would have ended up replacing the tire.
All Thankful E. from Gary Wille's Auto & Tire Center responded on 09/07/2017

Our intent is to never sell someone something they don’t need. We are sorry that you’re disappointed with our decision. We have responsibilities to our customers and other drivers on the road to do proper repairs. We do have guidelines with tire repairs and follow Rubber Manufacturer’s Association procedures.

Could we patch it? Yes.

Would we be following Rubber Manufacturer’s Association procedures? No.

I am putting a link below that shows a proper tire repair and at the bottom it has a picture to show area that can be patch-plugged.


Katie M.
Oregon, WI
Ford Escape
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Control arm issue totally fixed, still hear groaning in front of car at low speeds
Our 2010 Ford Escape is still making groaning, creaking sounds at low speeds, usually before and after stops.