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nicholas f.
Providence, RI
Volkswagen GTI
Verified Customer
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Not great
I cannot recommend their service for a few reasons. First, I asked them to check on a problem with my gear shifter. They gave a diagnosis and an estimate, but I did not have the service done. Curiously, driving the car home the shifting problem was significantly worse. The car was drivable before, but after it left their shop, it was pretty much no longer drivable. Somehow they made the problem much worse by looking at it in the garage. I have no idea what they did to it, but they made it so that it now needs to be fixed asap.

Also, this is a small thing, but it drives me crazy: they felt the need to overfill both my coolant and oil so that they could charge me $25. I have a supply of both at home and keep them near the max. The shop decided to fill way over the max and then charge me. On top of that, they put the wrong oil in my car. They didn't check with me or ask-- if they had I would have told them to leave it alone.
Gerry M. from German Motors Inc responded on 12/15/2018

Hello Nick. I trust the extensive details we provided in our last email to you provided adequate clarity and resolution to the issues you spoke of. We look forward to continuing to provide high quality service on your vehicle. Warm regards. Gerry Moreau

carlos m.
Pawtucket, RI
Mercedes-Benz C300
Verified Customer
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The entire team sucked.
They didn’t checked my car because it couldn’t started. What a horrible place todo business.
Gerry M. from German Motors Inc responded on 11/07/2018

Carlos. It is unfortunate your are unhappy or misunderstood our advice. You requested a diagnosis for an intermittent radio, but left us a car that had a gashed tire that would not hold air, nor would the vehicle start. You expressed no interest in our advice to make the car driveable first, before fixing intermittent radio. We made recommendations and charged nothing as a courtesy. We would be happy to continue repairs once those other issues are resolved. Regards. 

Brandon V.
Providence, RI
Volkswagen Tiguan
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
01/04/2017 Category: Service
Brandon said the staff was rude and they were not up front about the pricing.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Gerry M. from German Motors Inc responded on 01/16/2017

Hello Brandon. We are disappointed by your unfavorable review of the service we provided for your VW Tiguan on 11/2/16. German Motors Inc. works diligently to provide the highest quality service for each and every customer. When you expressed concern over the cost of diagnostics and repairs for your vehicle, we reduced the invoice to the minimum diagnostic charge of one hour labor at $96.00 which you also refused to pay. Your claim that we are too expensive is puzzling since the rate is posted at customer service, and is in fact the lowest rate in the region. German Motors Inc. is an expert repair facility of high integrity serving this community for 40 years and we regret your singular lack of satisfaction. Best Regards. Gerry Moreau, President, German Motors Inc.

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