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Review for Herb's Garage & Arman Auto Service Center
RENE P. on 05/01/2013
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"work done I did not need"
I came in for a spark plug check and was told that wires needed changing etc. After service it was noted that it was known the wires were new already, yet I was charged for the whole change. My experience left me unhappy as a 400 dollar + bill for a tune up was not what I came in for. The kindness to me in communication was welcomed, but hindsight has shown me I was mislead and over charged.
Vehicle: Chevrolet Suburban
Service Date: 04/08/2013
Review Created: 05/01/2013 09:24 AM
Arman M. at Herb's Garage & Arman Auto Service Center responded on 05/07/2013
When you had came in, we where told by you that the person who you purchased the vehicle from had told you, you need to do a tune-up so when went and pulled the code for a po#303 witch is a misfire for cyl #3. So we went and pulled out the spark plug for cyl. #3 and was fouled. So we recommend to start with a complete tune-up and go from there.you had pick up the car bec you needed it, and you had called back and said your engine light had came on again. We had told to bring it back by so i could take a look at it, and i gave you my person car for the sencond time, and had call you a couple hours later that there was no compression in cyl. #3 only had 85psi. only in idle witch is to low. And you had told me that you where going to take it back to the person you purchased it from.