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Kevin B. on 03/08/2017
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"Iguananet is incompetent and unprofessional, charged for work not done."
I am a software vendor constructing a building for our growing business; we needed a competent company to do the fire alarm, surveillance and security system for the building. The data and telephone wiring was already in place, labeled and tagged on both ends. We received a proposal for security alarm, low voltage, surveillance and internet for my new building in March. The internet was to be provided by Iguananet via radio and they intended to provide internet to all the neighboring businesses in my area. The building was currently under construction and it was made very clear to the GM that the pre-wire portion of the work had to start immediately before I got sheet rock up. After multiple calls and some very rude responses to my inquiries, they finally showed up in late April. By then, I had the upstairs sheet rocked and they were unable to put security wires on several doors upstairs. Downstairs was not sheet rocked and it was partially wired for the security system (they didn't wire the front of the building even though we were charged for it). The surveillance pre-wire was also partially done, as they omitted one corner of the building entirely even though it was on the plan. The excuse for not showing up until May was we didn't have permanent building power, but we had utility pole power since 2014. Organizationally, they were a disaster - could never finish anything. Would show up one day, forget to bring wire or something and leave. Technically, they seemed to lack the full knowledge of what they were doing, as they made many mistakes; i.e. wired 8 of the 60+ CAT-5 plates as "A" instead of "B", failed to re-label wires they cut after saying were damaged, punched holes in the wall of my computer room when there was ample space below the raised floor, broke many plates and poorly wired connectors on the CAT5 so they had to be redone. The internet radio never worked at the level we were told (it was reported as partially working, but I never saw it work) and it was also mounted in the worst location on my building.
The low voltage wiring of the plates was never completed and they never even started crimping the RJ45 connectors for the cables on the other end; so I had to hire another company to tone all the cables since they were now not labeled, put connectors on and hook it up to a patch panel that I had to buy in spite of the contract specifying it was part of the equipment to be installed.
They are very poorly managed by their GM, who has the worst management skills I have ever seen in my 40+ years of computing. For customer service, I would give them a "F"; primarily due to the GM who likes to scream at his customers on the phone. He also thinks it is appropriate to send insults to his customers via text. Here are examples of his texts to me that I saved verbatim (notice how he spells wasting):
"I'm not waisting anymore time with you. I've been in business for 22 years with over 6000 customers. I've been in business that long by walking away from people like you." Later when I asked him to return my computer he was holding hostage: (via text) "The only reason I can't meet today is we have a full schedule. If you want to get nasty and make threats. Then lawyer up or handle it like a professional. Your choice?"
Moments later via text: "Have a nice day!"

The GM had abruptly terminated the contract because he thought Consolidated was coming in to wire the internet (he was paranoid I guess since he yelled at me on the phone), when in fact they were there to install the phones. He felt it necessary to insult and harass Consolidated in front of all of my contractors. Consolidated said they would not work with him there. Shortly afterwards he broke the contract and I had to hire someone else to finish the wiring on my network and find an internet provider. At that point, I received the text from Mr. Laird (the GM) saying I owed them $2700 for essentially a partial pre-wire of the security and surveillance system or he was going to file a lien on my building. When I tried to negotiate the amount because he broken the contract, he responded above and also this: (via text) "It's real easy. pay what you owe or I'll file a lien." He boasted "I have filed many liens in the past and I have never lost once."

So it appears their business model is: low bid a contract to get the business, go off and do other jobs until the client complains, yell and demean him while giving such poor service and shoddy workmanship that the client wants to fire you, and when that fails, quit and then charge them for partial work at a 200% markup. When you won't pay the exhorbitant fees and want to negotiate, they say hire a lawyer because we are filing a lien on your building.
If you want to deal with an irrational and emotionally adolescent manager, incompetent workers and poor customer service, then Iguananet is your best choice! By the way, they have changed their name to TechWorks, LLC. I can only guess why.
Service Date: 08/07/2015
Review Created: 03/08/2017 02:42 PM
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