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Keith A. on 10/05/2016
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"Scammed on Accessories"
Best advice? Stay far away from this dealership. Some of the sales people here seem to be practiced con-artists. The following is an account of my experience at Ira Toyota:

I was interested in a specific 4runner sitting at the front of their lot and asked before test driving it whether this particular vehicle was available for sale. I was assured, Yes, by the saleswoman. After returning from the test drive, I was told, Oopsie, that vehicle has been promised to the brother-in-law of the finance manager, and I would have to order another one and wait six weeks to receive it.

I decided to leave and asked for the keys to my personal vehicle back as it was being evaluated for trade-in. Instead of giving the keys back they used it as a point of leverage to try to keep me on the premises. I demanded them back and left.

10 minutes later I received a call; they decided to sell me the vehicle after all. I went back. Big mistake. I wanted the vehicle, and they could smell it.

During the sales process with the saleswomen and her fast-talking manager, I was told Mr. Brother-in-Law had also ordered a special remote starter for this vehicle and that if I wanted it, I had to purchase that day and would need to also buy the pre-ordered remote starter for... $3,995. The saleswoman commented, "I don't know why remote starters for that vehicle cost so much, but I guess they do." After the earlier emotional rollercoaster, my judgment was clouded, and I didn't question the charge.

I was told the starter was not yet installed and I was asked to sign a piece of paper stating that I had to make an appointment to come back and have it installed (see reference: I signed and left with my new 4runner.

The next day, the saleswoman's words kept coming back to me, "I don't know why remote starters so cost much." I realized, hey, remote starters don't typically cost $3,995. Maybe it's a special remote starter with some new technologically advanced features. I called the dealership's parts department and asked how much a factory remote starter was. He told me. A tiny fraction of $3,995. I explained my situation to the parts person on the phone, and he said, "That doesn't sound right." Let me talk to someone in sales "that I trust" and get back to you. That went nowhere.

I refused receipt of the starter and asked for my $3,995 back. This request was met with double talk and denial.

When I asked, why was the remote starter added to the sale in the first place because I didn't ask for it? I was told, "I guess the computer adds it automatically." They pointed out the little words "MARKET ADJ" in the paperwork and said that's an additional expense to the vehicle. At no time during the sales process was "MARKET ADJ" explained to me. And how could I still be owed "MARKET ADJ" after leaving the dealership (again, see reference: On top of that, nowhere in any of the documentation did they list out nor did we discuss any amount for the remote starter other than the $3,995.

I later find out, this is a common scam run by dishonest car salespeople. Since smartphone apps are making it easier for customers to know the dealer's profit margin, unscrupulous salespeople markup accessories to rip off the customer.

I'll point out; I also paid full MSRP for the vehicle!

I don't believe their original story about the brother-in-law, and I don't trust the sales people I dealt with to be honest about any of it.

There's nothing like buying a vehicle you absolutely love but, every time you drive it, have residual bad feelings about how you were ripped off when you bought it. Believe me, it's a downer.

Like I said, stay far away. There are other Toyota dealers in the area to patronize. (Sorry if you saw this same review on other forums. I've been cutting and pasting.)
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