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Brittany S. on 06/21/2016
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Brittany said she was recommended to this business by a friend. Her air conditioning was going out and not blowing cold air. She went into this business, and an employee told her they will charge her $50 to look inside her vehicle. She agreed and the employee came back asking for another $50 because he needed more time. At the end of the day she paid $183 just so that the business can diagnose it, she went home and called other facility's that told her they wouldn't have charge more than $40. She said she feels that she was ripped off and the business didn't even restore her vehicle back to how it was. She said when she turns her vehicle lights on at night, her radio lights don't come on, and some other lights don't come on. It looks like the radio was ripped out with a screw driver because there is a torn piece around the radio. She also asked the employee to help her program her radio remote, but she feels he didn't even try.
Vehicle: Honda Civic
Category: Service
Service Date: 06/15/2016
Review Created: 06/21/2016
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Kevin G. at Kevin's Automotive and Trans Inc responded on 07/06/2016

  I am sorry to hear you were not satisfied with the diagnostics we performed on your 2003 Honda Civic A/c Problem. I'll reexplain the steps repair shops take. The first is a visual inspection ( no charge in most cases ) of the client's concern, in your case the A/c was only blowing hot air. On that step we found the compressor was not cycling on. The next step is to have a technican connect gauges to the system to see if there is enough refrigerant in the system to turn on the A/c compressor, there is were the $50.00 fee comes into play that we agree on before the step was taking, If you re look at your invoice you will see We did not charge you the $50.00 fee a thought we performed the service. We found at the time the system was fully charged and the compressor should be coming on. At that time we tested the power source and ground source at the compressor clutch, the ground source was not present, the power source was. At the time upon our conversation I explained all this to you and we agreed we needed diagnostic time to trace the cause of no ground signal to the compressor. We found with 2 hours of diagnostic time that the Hvac Control Head was not sending out a ground signal to the low pressure switch, tech did add a ground and found the compressor still would not cycle on. Tech further found the thermo safety switch was faulty also and both needed to be replaced for the A/c compressor to cycle on. As far as the Key fob I did not per sured due to we ran out of time that day. As far as the dash damage I am not aware of that and recommend have you return the vehicle so we can evaluate it and take the steps to repair it.