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Sharon M.
Nampa, ID
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returned car with a serious leak
we took the car in and it was diagnosed with a problem. we paid and had it fixed. paid a fairly large amount. had a warranty. it came home with a serious leak. took it back in and they tell us its a new problem and now another big bill

Brad B.
Nampa, ID
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Classic muscle car
To whom it may concern,
This is my review of Mike’s Auto Clinic in Nampa, Idaho. I brought my 66 Chevelle SS in for diagnostics on May 24, 2017 after it would not start for me. My original thought was it had something to do with the fuel injection system. When I arrived I checked in with Jesse and explained my situation with my vehicle. Jesse was polite and seemed knowledgeable about my situation with the Chevelle. He advised me they would look at the Chevelle tomorrow May 25, 2017. I left feeling satisfied and comfortable leaving my Chevelle with Mike’s Auto Clinic.
After five days of not hearing anything back from the shop I decided to stop in to check on the status of my Chevelle. Jesse was again my point of contact on May 30, 2017 and he showed me some of the repairs that needed to be fixed on my vehicle. Jesse explained to me they should complete the repairs required by next week. After a weeks’ time and not hearing back from Jesse or Mike’s Auto Clinic. I called Monday June 5, 2017 and spoke with Jesse again. I asked Jesse about the status of my Chevelle and estimated cost he stated that everything was going great and on schedule for completion at the end of the week (June 9, 2017) that he needed figure out cost.
On June 8, 2017 I again had to initiate calling the shop due to not hearing from them again. This time I spoke with the owner Mike and he advised me nothing had been started on my Chevelle. Mike stated he was unaware my Chevelle had a time line that it needed to be completed by. After thinking about my experience with Mike’s Auto Clinic I decided to come get my vehicle without them starting or completing any work on my Chevelle.
To sum up my experience with Mike’s Auto Clinic I would advise others to avoid this shop and do some homework prior to using them. My vehicle was at the shop from May 24, 2017- June 9, 2017 and the whole time I had to initiate the contact and was left in the dark if I did not contact them. In my opinion, I felt the integrity, credibility and lack of communication with the owner and employees towards me was extremely unprofessional. As a consumer I felt worried about the lack of communication as the days went on without hearing anything back from the shop. It leaves me to wonder does the lack of communication towards customers also reside within the shop from owner to employees.

Concerned Former Customer and Local Car Enthusiast

Keri T.
Nampa, ID
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Way overestimated word needed
Sorry to be the other side of the coin here but I was highly unimpressed with the service at this mikes auto clinic. The number of things wrong with my car when I took it in severely suprised me. I took the car to another auto shop to get a second opinion. They said that a ball pin was getting worn but that it was normal wear and tear and that it needed to be fixed but it wasn't dangerous at that point. Another auto shop that I took it to also said that the ball pin needed to be changed but it wasn't going to fall off at any moment. Mike's Auto Clinic told me that it wasn't safe to even drive it home. I drove it for another month unfortunately, trying to make a decision on if I should change it or not due to the contrary results from this clinic vs. Other clinics (and no, my tire never fell off as this company stated it would). I have gotten work done on my car but I did not do it at Mike's Auto Clinic. I feel that they were trying to rush service so that I would feel obligated to get the work done that day. I feel they were trying to ensure that I gave them my buisness and they did it by telling me a partial truth instead of a whole truth. As far as all the other things that they said we're wrong with my car other clinics came back negative on all accounts. My sister is also a mechanic and she said that the car is perfectly safe and there's nothing wrong with it other than the gas gauge giving false readings.

Melissa K.
Nampa, ID
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Horrible people, horrible prices, horrible service
This place upcharged us almost 100% on parts, then didnt even install all of the new parts. I had them replace my clutch this summer, cost me over $1600. Later found out that it should have cost me half that. Now my clutch is out again because these idiots didn't replace the slave cylinder like they should have. Any idiot who knows anything about replacing a clutch, knows that the slave cylinder is included in replacing a clutch. So now, I am out the $1600 I paid these morons. I am without my car until I can afford the $800 its going to cost me to replace the clutch again. And the men who work here are complete jerks. They have tried to convince me since day one that my transmission is the problem. No, my transmission is fine. As I have been told by two other mechanics.

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