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JENIECE B. on 01/07/2016
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I took my car in for a specific noise coming front my front end and happened more when I slowed down or started from a complete stop or turning especially tight turns. I was told it was my linkages that were rotted and I was charged $200 some odd dollars for parts that cost $40. SO I get my car back same things is still happening. Nothing has changed with the noise, in fact it got worse. Told them again where the noise was and maybe it was my drive axel. Took my car back from 9:00 AM until 2:00 heard nothing until my boyfriend had to figure out what was going on since he had to pick me up from work, they finally tell us they "think" its my drive axel and the part is probably going to cost $600 alone IF they get it from Kia which they couldn't get that day or get it from California, not including labor.....NOPE go back get my car since nothing was done to it. Take it to my original mechanic which isn't close to my home and was only using this place because its only 2 blocks from my home. He tells me CLEARLY without a doubt its my right ball joint and how the hell couldn't the other mechanic not see this. He said he took a crowbar and clearly it was so loose my car wouldn't have passed inspection and asked if that mechanic was new and I said no. SO a job that was probably going to cost almost $800 or more cost me $140!!!!!!!! NEVER ever ever again will I use this place, 1st and last time customer. You can have my $10 off 1st time customer coupon back and give it to somebody else to rip off. Now it makes me wonder if I even needed those linkages done and wasted $200 some dollars at Christmas time. Note to self, never steer away from your original mechanic because of convience.
Vehicle: Kia Sorento
Service Date: 12/15/2015
Review Created: 01/07/2016 09:49 AM
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Kevin M., Owner at Millevoi's Tire & Automotive Center responded on 01/07/2016


I am extremely sorry that we failed on this repair.  We strive for perfection on every job, but unfortunately we fell short on yours. The technician that serviced your vehicle missed the ball joint and will be reprimanded for it.  That does not mean that YOU should pay for his mistakes.

I would like to pay for the additional repairs that you had to incur due to our negligence.  Please contact me and I will refund the money immediately. 

Thank you for making me aware of this so that I can correct this from happening again.

Again, I'm truly sorry.  Thank you.

Kevin J Millevoi