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Review for #1 Stop Shop
Skip D. on 09/16/2015
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Skip said he took his vehicle to this business for various reasons. They told him there was a problem with the transmission but he had just had it rebuilt. He asked the business not to do anything, because he still had a warranty and was going to take it across town to the business that rebuilt it. This business told him they did not touch his vehicle, but when he took his vehicle, they forgot to attach the hose and he thinks it had fried his engine. He will never go back to this business.
Vehicle: Toyota Camry
Category: Service
Service Date: 09/08/2015
Review Created: 09/16/2015
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Ben N. at #1 Stop Shop responded on 09/19/2015

Dear Skip,
On Sept. 3rd you brought your vehicle for a complete safety inspection and tune-up and to check the noise from the brakes.
The car was going to be driven to San Francisco and you requested a thorough inspection.
We inspected the car visually only, except to remove the wheels to inspect the brakes due to the noise. 
We did not touch your transmission except to show you the leaks and where they were coming from.  We do not do major transmission repairs. 
We advised you that this car with a milage of over 200,000 had many leaks from the cooling system, oil pan, a broken CV shaft which you knew already and when we told you about the transmission leak you said it had just been done by Rapid Transmission.
You wanted to take your car back to the transmission shop for them to check and fix  the major leak.  In the mean time you wanted me to order parts for the certain repairs you authorized. 
In my view it would seem impossible for you to have driven the car to the transmission shop, and for them not to have seen the upper radiator hose off (if that was the case) as you claim was my fault, and then for you to drive the car after their repair from Escondido to RB approx. 7 miles.
On Sept 8th morning when you drove your car to our shop steam was coming out of your hood, and in front of you we opened your hood to find the upper radiator hose was off.
The transmission shop was the last to touch your car, and in order to correct their problems they would have had to have touched the upper radiator hose in  to remove the transmission. 
We feel very strongly that this is not a valid compaint and would like to have the BAR arbitrate in this matter.
We are very concerned that our customers are always given every benefit and in your case we did refund you the full amount of your diagnostic service.
We hope this will be resolved and that it is clear who is at fault.
Ben Nassery