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damon k. on 02/11/2014
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"I was impressed with their work"
Let me start by saying that I have used Performance plus for years. I have had my wifes Lincoln there and my Ford F250. They have always done an excellent job until recently. This past December i purchased 4 new tires for my F250. After driving the vehicle for a week I took it back because there was a vibration around 40 mph. They looked at the truck and said the ball joints were bad and they were causing the issue. They gave me a price of $900 to fix the upper and lower ball joints with an alighnment. I could not justify spending that after getting the 4 new tires. So, I completed the work myself. Upper and lower ball joints, 4 bushing that help support the front suspension and axle, 4 high quality shocks, tire rod front and back. A day and a half of work. I took the vehicle back to them to have the alighnment done and to check the vibration at 40 mph. After working on my truck, they called and said they could not get the truck aligned. Something about a cam or castor being bad. (not sure how they go bad). They also said the vibration in the tires at 40 mph was because the steering gear box needed replaced. So I paid for the 4 wheel alighnment and picked up my truck. The very next day I took it to another shop to have it looked at. They fixed the alighnment in an hour and adjusted the steering gear box to take the slop out of it. They said it did not need to be replaced. I paid for the second alighnment and picked up my truck. Go figure, the truck still has a vibration at 40 mph. I am trying to get them to look at the tires again. Hopefully, I will not have to pay to have them rebalance the tires or do whatever. Also, if they can't fix the problem, the tires have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. I will see about getting different tires for the truck. I will continue this reviews after that. To sum this up, I have had all this work done to my truck and they keep on saying there are other issues when i ask about the tire vibration. Until this point I was very very pleased with their work. Not so much now. You can take this review any way you would like. I am not trying to shut down their business, just want my truck fixed after $1500 in parts and repairs. If I get the vibration out of my truck, I would definately give them more stars.
Vehicle: Ford Pickup
Service Date: 02/05/2014
Review Created: 02/11/2014 07:28 AM