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Anthony D. on 01/19/2016
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Anthony said he was very dissatisfied with the business. His vehicle has been to them several times for the same problem. His check engine light came on and his cylinders keep misfiring one by one. He has spent $700 on the service one visit and it was still not fixed. Dewayne, a mechanic there told him the parts he needed were very hard to get and the cost was $180. He was personally referred to look up the service and do it himself. When he did the research to do the service he found out the part he needed was $50 and he could order it online from Amazon. He is not happy that the business was untruthful and did not tell him the accurate prices. His overall experience was bad and he may not be returning to them for service.
Vehicle: Chevrolet TrailBlazer
Category: Service
Service Date: 01/15/2016
Review Created: 01/19/2016
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Scott S. at Scott's Auto Express, llc responded on 01/21/2016

We are truly sorry that Anthony is dissatisfied with our company. Let me explain some things that are not stated correctly from Anthony. His vehicle has been here twice, not several. Yes on his first visit the check engine light was on and the engine was running poorly. Our diagnosis revealed a bad ignition coil on cylinder #1 which would require a new coil. This vehicle has 6 coils-1 for each spark plug- in which at the time of testing only 1 was bad. During our conversation it was brought to our attention that to the best of his recolection that the spark plugs had not been changed in 138000 miles. He was given a quote for plug replacement, the 1 bad coil, and spark plug boots that go on the bottom of each coil. He agreed and paid the bill which was not the amount he stated. 16 days later his check engine light came on again and the engine was running poorly. Again testing was done and another 1 of the coils had gone bad at which time he agreed to replace. 3 days later he left a message on the answering machine stating that the vehicle was running poorly again. I returned the call and was told that he could find everything cheaper and that it was easy for him to replace a coil and expressed his displeasure. I asked him to see the vehicle again to verify our work and that possibley we were sold a defective part. He declined. I did my research on Amazon and yes there were coils there of very low quality for $50.00 but as a business of high standard and quality we would never sell such an inferior part plus the fact of not being able to warranty it. As a business, I don't know of any other business that can keep the doors open competing with Amazon or sell inferior parts. We wish that he would have given us the opportunity to look at the vehicle again to see if indeed it was a part we installed that failed or a totally different problem. Just as a side note: A check engine light and poor driveability can be caused by so many different types of computer controlled devices on these newer vehicles.