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Larry M.
New Richmond, WI
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Lift Charge
had a oil change a month ago, found oil spots on garage floor, returned 01.22.14 to have car checked, found nothing but charged me a lift charge of $30.00, I thought this to be unfair
Angela R. from St Croix Automotive responded on 01/24/2014

After checking Larry's service history I realized that he was right about this.  I knew about the other work we had done on Larry's car in December but forgot we did the oil change as well.  It was a mistake on my part, relying on my memory instead of verifying the history.  I just got off the phone with Larry, admitted my mistake, apologized and he is on his way here for a full refund. 

New Richmond, WI
Dodge Neon
Verified Customer
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Timing belt change and water pump
I had my timing belt changed and the water pump done. It was done 11/20/12. The serpentine belt developed an severe squeel and I found a grounding wire from the frame to the engine not connected. This was my first time at St. Croix automotive and I am unsure if I would like to try them again. I normal give companies three tries and if they screw up three times they will never get my business.

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