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Lake Forest, CA
Toyota Tundra
Verified Customer
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I am not brandon reeves
who gave you my email address
Tony B. from Titan Automotive responded on 05/30/2013
we apologize for sending you an e-mail in error. We have removed your name from our data base and you will not receive any other contact from us. Dawn

Orange, CA
Verified Customer
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Econoline 350
My vehicle continues to stall and idle at low speeds since you worked on it. $350 spent to make it totally unreliable. $100 per hour is a lot of money to charge to make cars run worse than they did before you worked on them.
Mike F. from Titan Automotive responded on 10/10/2011
David Im concered that your still haveing a problem and I thank you for taking the time to let me know.As I pulled records and look at the notes I remember the van came in for a DMV renewell but had a check engine light on and thats a automatic failure , so we diagnosed the codes in the computor and found misfire and lean condition codes,We then traced and found a vacuum leak at a Pcv hose assemble and replaced . We then cleared codes to make sure we didnt have more then one problem so we can be as efficient with your money . We test dove and no codes came back so we tested and it passed,test drove one last time and it seemed fine.I also show a invoice a slight time after stateing a intermintant stalling, so (no cost to recheck) you brought the van back in and we checked for codes (no codes) and test drove three different times and did not have it stall . so we suggested to continue to have us monitor or if you were experencing the problem to bring it right in and well look at it right away .Did not hear back so we thought things were good.If this problem has not been fixed yet well be more than willing to continue to check at no cost , if it has been and its related to what we did well take care of it . With our relationship in the past repairs I hope we can continue.If theres any questions please call Mike

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