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STEPHANIE R. on 07/14/2015
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"usually is but this time, horrible experience..."
I had 2 car appointments on a Monday for 2 different cars (2012 corolla and 5th time complaining about brakes, and 2015 rav4 to fix a scratch on my newly purchased car). Dropped both cars off, got my loaner and was on my way. 330 I get a phone call saying both of my cars are finished and ready to be picked up. We drive down to get the cars. We wait in line, forever without even a simple hello. Get to the counter to find out once again there is nothing wrong with the brakes in the corolla, they are just dirty. I have never had to have brakes cleaned in any car in my 15 years of driving. Grinding, squealing, and sometimes feeling like I'm not going to stop is not because they are dirty. I was pissed. So I'm expressing my frustration to amber and she offered to personally drive the car home that night and see what she can do. Perfect, at least my rav4 is done right? Nope. I sign paperwork and get keys to my rav4. Go out and the scratch is still there. So I have to go back inside, wait in line another 10 minutes to let them know the scratch is there. So I had to make another appointment to get it to the body shop.... I'm pissed that I wasted all that time and gas.... I make another appointment for the following monday. Wednesday I go to pick up the corolla. Amber heard what we were hearing. She finally got our brakes dixed. Thank u anber, I appreciate you for helping to actually figure out the problem.mind you, this is the 3rd time being here in 3 days... I go back Monday to drop the rav4 off. I get a call wednesday or Thursday saying it's done. I leave work early, waste more gas to get out there. Guess what, THE SCRATCH IS STILL THERE AGAIN. So this time I talk to a manager, rich. He apologizes and offers to bring the car to me when it's finished. Great 3rd times a charm... so finally I get my rav4 back without a scratch on that friday... I have never been so disappointed with toyota. I wasted my time, gas, leaving work early and then just being frustrated for no reason at this whole process. They had to drive my car to and from this body shop more then oce, bring the car back to me, least I could have been offered was a tank of gas or perhaps a detail clean or something. I don't feel like I am satisfied with this whole outcome. I am still mad. I don't understand how this many times you guys could mess up. I mean seriously after one time of the scratch being fixed, the least you could do is get up and go look for yourselves to make sure things are fixed before calling people to come get their cars. I an spending way too much money here to be thrown around like I was. 100 percent disappointed.
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Service Date: 07/01/2015
Review Created: 07/14/2015 08:14 AM
Rich C. at Toyota of Puyallup responded on 07/14/2015

Hello and thank you so much for the email.  Please accept my continued apologies for the way this whole ordeal has turned out.  I trust that the paint repair is done correctly at this point, right?  The body shop who did the repairs feels awful about the mistake (I'm still not sure exactly what they were looking at) and we should have done a better job in quality checking it before giving it to you.  I would like to make this right for you in whatever way we can.  I appreciate your patience and apologize again for the way things turned out.  Please contact me at your earliest convenience either directly via phone or email.  I hope we're able to repair this and move forward.  Thank you for your feedback and know we're working hard to make it right. 

Rich Conley
Toyota of Puyallup