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KHANH P. on 06/10/2013
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"Recent experience at Toyota of Puyallup"
Within the last twenty years, our family members have bought fifteen Toyota vehicles, this recent 2013 Toyota Tacoma purchased at Toyota of Puyallup would be the sixteenth vehicle in our family. For myself, I have gone to several different models ranging from Celica, Camry, Rav4, Highlander, Tacoma… etc. To all of us, buying Toyota vehicles are always better choices if you compare the prices, how reliable of their engines will perform in future and the real values they will hold after years, versus other autos made by different manufacturers around the world. So, the only thing left to deal with is having the “guts” to deal with the car sales men. That’s right! It can be really frustrated when buying a car. If you have done your homework correctly, you realize that most people hate dealing with sales men, especially cars sales men because of tricks and games they can play to you. This is our story.
After searching around the local dealers and comparing with online prices, we decided to stop by Toyota of Puyallup for a visit. We were accommodated by one sales man name Sipha, who turned out to be a most professional car sales man I have ever met. Back and forth with negotiating and testing different models for about a week, we finally made our decision to purchase a 2013 Toyota Tacoma, particularly in white color with four doors and a short bed. Our selection, of course was not available at the moment and the nearest truck that could be brought over within a day was from a dealer in Oregon. We then decided that we would rather wait for a short time while Sipha was trying to locate for the next delivery of our exact match vehicle. Needless to say, there was a bit of delays over the weekend and the new truck was ended up in Bellingham instead of Puyallup. Sipha was constantly keeping in touch with me about the status of the truck and notified my when it would be at the dealer. We came back to Puyallup Toyota to pick up our brand new truck, we realize it had 114 mile on the odometer already because having driven from Bellingham to Puyallup. I made a suggestion to Sipha to give us a little break below the agreed price earlier, which was already several hundred dollars lower than ALL other dealers locally. That’s right, I did say ALL, because I have done my homework comparing around all local dealers. Sipha then went inside talking to several managers, he was able to bring down another two hundred dollars off of the earlier agreement. Kudos to Mr. Sipha for going extra miles to keep his customer happy and off we went with another Toyota vehicle.

At last, I should mention that I have found NO TRICKS and NO GAMES were played at Toyota of Puyallup. Just go down there to Toyota of Puyallup if you are in a search for a new vehicle, they will work with ya! You will find what you like! Talk to Sipha, if you are down there, I recommend ya !
Any questions? Email the owner Mrs. Kerry Bivens, one way or another, she will find a time within her busy schedules to respond back to ya! You will get a what you asked (paid) for ? . Happy being a new Toyota owner, to ya’ll !
Tue Anh Tran
Category: Sales
Sales Date: 06/08/2013
Review Created: 06/10/2013 08:41 AM