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Review for Toyota of Puyallup
GAIL R. on 04/06/2014
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"Mar. 27th. "
I was heading out of town when a warning light came on on the dash. I got my book out and thought I had identified the problem as a brake warning. Of course it was a panic situation and I didn't know if I should call a tow truck, take it home or just try to get to the dealership. It was really early in the morning (5AM) so I decided to try to get it to the dealership as the traffic would be at its best that early in the morning and I could go extremely slow all the way there. I was parked in front of the garage doors from 5:30AM till you opened. When I saw signs of life from the dealership I asked one of your counter men if I could go inside but I was told no it was against the rules. I was ok with that, rules are rules but the man did not tell me in a pleasant way. Sometimes it's not what you say, it's how you say it. He could stand some advice as to how to treat a loyal customer, or any customer at all for that matter. A cup of coffee and a bathroom would have been really appreciated by that time. It was quite a cold morning. As I was sitting out in the cold I could see employees with coffee cups in their hands--again, I do understand rules but I had been out there a very long time. Sometimes perhaps you have to make a judgement call and bend the rules just a little?

However, when the dealership opened I got a wonderful customer service man who went out of his way to be accommodating and helpful. He very quickly determined it was a leaky valve causing an air pressure problem and not a brake problem. What a relief! I had just put 4 new tires on my car at the last dealership service so he did not charge me. This was much appreciated. So you see my experience went from a very bad one with one of your employees to an extremely great experience with another of your employees. I have always had extremely great service from your Dealership and my car has never had any work done anywhere else. I always come back and I shall in the future. However, I do not want to deal with that first man ever again and if he is on the counter the next time I am there I will let the next person go ahead of me and I shall wait for someone else. Perhaps he was having a bad day but even so, you don't pass your bad day on to someone else.

Thank you to the second counter man---he made up in spades for the lack of caring attitude from the first man.

See you next time.

Thank you!

Gail Richards
Category: Service
Service Date: 03/27/2014
Review Created: 04/06/2014 11:24 PM