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Hopie R.
Cathedral City, CA
Ford Pickup
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Very unhappy. I'm now searching for a new location. i took "4" vehicles and now you are too much. No smiles, talking to people like "you" are the only shop in town that can fix the problems. While I was there, there was a man who was VERY upset, he went there for a fix and as he left town he got stranded. He kept on telling me to go somewhere else. I now know why, the quality of work has gonna down. You use to have a young man and there was a lady there also, who made you feel like it's ok, our car problems WILL get fix guaranteed. But now I doubt it'll get fix, maybe after $5000.00 later. Sorry but I'm not happy anymore. by the way I don't want work for free and I'm aware of the cost of living but PLEASE....
Tracy F. from Valley Smog and Auto Repair responded on 01/26/2015

I am sorry you feel you you had a bad experience with us.  We have tried twice to call you to get a better understanding of what you feel we did wrong.  When the vehicle was brought in your concern was the vehicle was shaking.  We preformed an inspection and found the brakes were worn out and the rotors had significant lateral runout causing the shaking you were feeling.  We recommended replacing the front and rear brake pads and rotors.
However to get a little more in depth, you have a Ford F150 where the amount of labor to remove the brake pads on the front is more significant than most pickup trucks.  Due to the lateral runout and the thickness of the rotors, the rotors and pads on both the front and rear needed to be replaced.  We gave your son the option of replacing the rotors with an option that will make doing the brakes significantly cheaper the next time or we could put on the rotors that were original equipment which would be a cheaper option now, however the next brake job would require a higher amount of labor.  The most expensive option would have been $1150.00 with the updated rotors for the front.  This includes front and rear pads and rotors for the rear and includes  tax and labor.  With the original equipment rotors it would have been $990.00.  Your son was notified of the pricing and he left tellingd us he would return after Christmas to get the work done.

Since then we have heard nothing from you until now.  I do not know what would have cost $5000.00 to repair.  Everything that we work on has a nationwide 2 year 24,000 mile warranty, and we stand behind everything we do.  If you would like to discuss any of this further please do not hesitate to call us. 

Tracy Finnell