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Desert Hot Springs, CA
Dodge Avenger
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Front Brakes Job
Your charges were way too much.
1. Front brake pads...you charged $121 ?
I would have agreed to $80.00 or less.
2. Front brake rotors..you charged $136 ?
I feel $50 each would have in order.
3. There was no need to change calipers
cushions. You charged us $5.54
4. You charged us $3.66 for brake fluid?
Was there a lot of fluid bleeding?
5. Wheel balancing $60.00 ?
Others would have done it for $10 each.
Since the front brakes were worked on,
it should have been only the front
wheels to be balanced. Who gave the
okay for all wheels to be balanced?
6. There was nothing wrong with the
rear brakes. We went to your auto
shop for the front brakes only. Who
gave the okay to check rear brakes?
Not me. You charged us $47.50 just
to look at the rear brakes.
Tracy F. from Valley Smog and Auto Repair responded on 09/21/2015

Let me start by saying we always use the best quality parts whenever we can especially when it comes to the brake system due to the fact that it is a safety issue.  Also we use the best Napa brake parts because we offer 2 years/24,000 mile warranty on everything we do.

I am not certain where the miscommunications happened with the work on your son's car.  We preformed a full brake inspection on the vehicle which included a run out check on the rotors since your son's concern was that the pedal pulsed when he stepped on the brake pedal.  We found that the rotors would not be able to be machined because the run out was so great that it would put the rotors below minimum specifactions if machined.  Wayne described the work that was needed to be done which included front brake pads, brake rotors, clean and adjust the rear brakes due to excessive brake dust we found and the shoes were severly out of adjustment.

Also while your car was on the rack we found abnormal front tire wear that we informed you about, and recommended an alignment, rotation and balance of the tires.  All of these things were approved by both your son and yourself and the total amount was given to you at that time.

Once the work was completed, Matthew went over the bill with you and your son and asked if you had any questions.  I feel that Wayne and Matthew communicated everything clearly to you, but perhaps it was lacking somewhere.  I have attempted to contact you multiple times to discuss this and would still like to at some point.

Tracy Finnell