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Leo K. on 03/02/2015
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"Rude Treatment"
Brought my truck in at the end of January for its annual inspection after having to jump start the battery due to it having been in storage for over a month. Told the guy at the desk this but he did not tell me the inspection could not be completed because of this until an hour later after the inspection had been started. Instead, I was told I'd have to return after having driven the truck at least 50 miles to finish the inspection. A temporary sticker was placed on the vehicle. I paid the bill and asked if I'd have to pay again when coming back to get the inspection completed but was clearly told no. Upon returning with the truck a couple of weeks later I explained (to the same guy, I believe) about having driven the 50+ miles required in order to get the inspection completed and he said fine. An hour later the truck had passed inspection with no problem and I was handed the keys. I turned to leave but was told I'd have to pay the inspection fee again. When I explained what I'd been told just 2 weeks prior the owner, who was nearby, suddenly got very irate and implied I'd been told no such thing and that all re-inspections have to pay the fee again. I actually didn't mind paying the fee, which I should have been warned about and could have been prevented had I been told at the start of my first visit that a vehicle whose battery had died would not be able to get a full inspection, but there was absolutely no reason for the owner to treat me so rudely, as if I was trying to get away with something. I never argued or raised my voice in any way, but the Vulctech owner certainly did. After paying the bill with the first guy, who I believe was the one who had botched the handling of my first visit, I left feeling shocked and humiliated by the rude treatment I had received by the owner. Our family has lived in Hudson for only a couple of years, but until now we'd never had a problem at Vulctech, but being treated in such a manner was clearly unwarranted and unacceptable. As a result of this our family will not be returning to this business.
Vehicle: Toyota Tacoma
Service Date: 02/18/2015
Review Created: 03/02/2015 02:02 AM
GENE Q. at Vulc-Tech Tire & Auto Repair responded on 03/02/2015

Thank you for the review.
You stated that you had told the service writer that the vehicle had been jump started when you first came in on Jan 29th that does not necessarily mean it will not pass emissions it may show as not ready for testing. It depends on how many miles it has been driven since.
You came in on the 29th of Jan 2015 and we started your repair order at exactly 9:28am as is recorded on our daily work schedule and it was finished and cashed out at exactly 10:03am as is printed on your credit card receipt. That is 35 minutes not 1 hour as you stated.
You came back in on Feb 18th 2015 and your work order was started at exactly 10:30am as is recorded on our daily work schedule and it was finished and cashed out at exactly 10:50am as is printed on your credit card receipt that is 20 minutes not the 1 hour that you stated.
I do remember the service writer bringing to my attention that you had an issue with being charged a re-inspect fee and that you said you were told there was not a fee and I informed you that there is and always has been a re-inspect fee and it was printed on your original receipt explaining this and the cost of the fee but you had apparently overlooked this. Maybe you mistook that as being rude but that was certainly not nor would ever be my intention.
We usually wave this fee when the customer has any additional work done to offset the extra time we spend bringing the vehicle in a second time.
Our procedure was followed properly and I am sorry for any misunderstanding.