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Jonathan S. on 08/12/2013
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"State Inspection"
I went to Vulc-Tech today to get my car inspected and take advantage of a coupon for a $15.99 inspection. Being an older vehicle, I was sure that they would find something that would cause it fail the inspection (I have seen as many as three inspectors under the vehicle during an inspection at other shops). After 20 minutes or so I was brought into the shop so they could show me a few areas of concern. The first was a leaking driver's side rear strut (I was unaware of this issue and thankful that it was brought to my attention.) The other was a large amount of "dry rot" on all of my tires. The tires are going on seven years old and do have some signs cracking due to their age. As we (an employee and I) were walking back to the waiting area I was told that these issues were not enough to fail the vehicle. Approximately 5 minutes later and after paying my bill, I walked out to my car which still had the old (2013) inspection sticker on the windshield. Confused, I looked over the inspection results sheet that showed I had failed for having "breaks/cuts/repairs" on all for tires. In addition, the OBD result was listed as unready. (I was aware that this would occur because I had recently replaced both oxygen sensors and the knock sensor and driven the vehicle long enough to clear all but two monitors.) I then had an employee meet me at my vehicle with my keys and when I questioned him about the failed inspection result and why my tires, that were good just a few minutes ago, were now a reason for failure. I was told that it was the states computer that failed the vehicle. I will admit the conversation was frustrating and went no where because we were both talking about a different part of the inspection, me the tires, and he the OBD result. As I said was not concerned about the OBD being not ready because according to Saf-C 3222.03 of the NH state inspection requirements there can be two monitors that read not ready. (Information can be found here: After the conversation asked my father, a 30 year veteran of the automotive industry to come down. He asked to be shown the areas on the tires that caused them to fail. According to Saf-C 3211.01 a tire can be failed if there is a cut, break, or crack in excess of one inch. The technician who inspected the car was unable to find any crack on any tire that met the above description. I was also told that the fail result was do to the OBD result. I was told that the vehicle could only have one monitor with a not ready status. The employee was convinced that he was correct and did not seem to listen when I informed him that the regulations allow for two unset monitors (see link above). I was told to return with at least one more code set which I intend to do tomorrow, August 13th.
My overall experience was confusing and I felt I was being played with. I would not recommend Vulc-Tech for your state inspection, even if they are the cheapest. I assume they are an honest business because of all the positive reviews, but I would not recommend them for your next inspection.
Service Date: 08/12/2013
Review Created: 08/12/2013 07:45 PM