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David B.
Boise, ID
Overall Rating 5.0/5Overall Rating 5.0/5Overall Rating 5.0/5Overall Rating 5.0/5Overall Rating 5.0/5
Service Type: Maintenance
verified customer Verified Customer
Category: Service
Five Stars to my Service advisor and parts department
- When sitting in the waiting room for my car to be serviced- it is always great when the service advisor comes out to clarify something with me and when I was at the parts store- like a VIP!!
- Some might feel that the dealership might be expensive.... Well I look at it differently...
1) All parts and services have a range for cost and quality.
2) Dealers, OEM, and not OEM- I find you get what you paid for.
3) I do not mind paying retail over wholesale when I am treated the best- VIP at Bronco Motors- Boise, Idaho and their service is always right on. It is like paying a tip for all- to reward and make sure they stay in business.
4) If the lowest bargain price from others is about 75% or closer to the Dealers' OEM- I will always buy Broncos Motors service!! And, if it a critical part of my car, I always go to them for my service.
5) I only want to do each service once and on time. And it is like a warranty going to the dealership and I know that they will make it right and/ or until it is!

Five Stars to you Bronco Motors- Boise, ID!
A big five stars to the parts store this time and he was very helpful and professional- an ideal staff member. Also, the other time he helped me months ago!!

I have not taken my car to anyone else, except Hyundai Bronco Motors- Boise, Idaho (well over 12 years and counting)!

My Service advisor went out of his way to help me with my oil change. inspection, keeping me informed, and with an issue I was (he corrected it for me) having with my car.

- Five Stars to you all- Bronco Motors- Boise ID!!
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Carl R.
Boise, ID
Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5Overall Rating 3.0/5
Service Type: Repair
verified customer Verified Customer
Category: Service
The good, the bad, and the ugly.
Here are the comments I left with Bronco Motors on Fairview, Boise, Idaho.

I want to start out with the good part, the personnel. I really like the people there in the service department. They are kind, attentive, helpful, just pleasant to be around. The workmanship on the repair has perfect as far as I can tell.

The facility there is top notch in appearance. The new waiting area is large and comfortable. I do miss the seating by the service check-in though. It was suggested that I wait in the waiting area. I said as long as you come get me when things are done. When they did, I was told that they had been ready for a while, just didn't know where I was. Huh? I was sitting where I was told to sit.

I was told that the vehicle would be washed. I asked them not to do that as I had just had the vehicle detailed. They washed it anyway and smeared the windows. Please learn to listen to your customers.

The vehicle return was pathetic. In the 5 minutes between parking my vehicle and when I finished signing the paperwork to pick it up, they lost my key fob. Really? After a half hour of searching they ended up making me a new one. But it did not have the actual key that comes inside the fob. That was cut and delivered to my home later that night. I give special kudos and thanks to the person that delivered it.

Your check-in process is pathetic. I have called on multiple occasions, transferred to the service department and then get hung up on. When I finally to get someone, it is always a recording asking me to leave a message for a call back that sometimes happens. The only way to guarantee attention is to go there in person.

The whole issue was a seat belt problem that was identified last December. They had trouble finding one but did in Atlanta, Georgia. I was told that they would notify me when it got in so that I could have it replaced as soon as possible, being a safety issue. After over a month I called in and was told it was there. Since I had not received a call I asked when it had arrived. I was told two weeks earlier. What happened to my phone call? I made an appointment, which was set 3 weeks out because they were busy.

I dropped my vehicle off the day before and was told to enter my name, phone number, and sign a key drop-off form, that nothing else was needed. After doing that I asked the clerk if he would check to make sure I was on the schedule for the seat-belt replacement the next day. He confirmed on his laptop that I was schedule for the repair and said it would surely be done by noon. I left but about 10 minutes later I received a call from Grant Peterson asking me why I had dropped off my vehicle's key, that I hadn't filled anything else out. He didn't know which vehicle was mine. Now I've sure if you looked up my appointment it would have noted what vehicle was mine and what work was being done. But I gave him the vehicle type, color, and license #, along with the background story about the seat belt. So as you can see from my experiences with your scheduling and check-in services, it leaves a lot to be desired.

In brief, scheduling sucks, personnel are great, service facility is pretty good, repair work is great, vehicle return (in this case) certainly needs improvement.
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