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Seattle, WA
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05/22/2013 Category: Service
Unhappy Customer
Brought my 2004 Acura MDX in for a recall i recieved from them in the mail. After I got my car back I noticed noises coming from the car when I drive slowly. I owned this car over 7 yrs and never had a problem before. It runs smooth and soundless until now. Called Acura about the problem next day, they told me to come in. I came right away and they send me home because there were no technician. Is this a joke?? It's not like i took 1hr+ to get there. I came right away, took me less than 30. This is such a waste of my time fighting through all those traffic and leaving work early. I'm reallly UNHAPPY with EVERYTHING!!!

Verified Customer
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01/29/2013 Category: Service
Not very good
The service consultant sounded like a salesman. Tried to push other services in a very uncomfortable way.

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12/10/2012 Category: Service
Bad first impression, but excellent service
Imagine driving up for the first time and you feel the stare of a dozen hungry sales people. I wanted to avoid the wolf pack before they devoured me alive.
Next imagine walking through the service doors for the first time and you're confused with all the active discussions between consultants and customers. I was informmed by the cashier to stand in the middlw of the area and someone will know to help. "stand where?" She was right. After an awkward moment of standing in the"middle", my consultant came by to help me. He was very quick and thorough with his explanations and even explained the overall health of my vehicle. He made my $55 oil change worth every penny because he made me feel like my business was appreciated.
Cline D. from Acura of Seattle responded on 12/10/2012
Alice thank you for coming into our service department to get your 5k service, I noticed this was your first time in so you are probably unaware that we have 18 salespeople on staff and I can assure you we are not here to jump on anyone. We are the only Acura dealer that is Precision Team so far this year and that is earned by customer responses to surveys from Acura about their sales experience. Also on Saturdays we do get a lot of our customers coming in between 2pm and 4pm, those seem to be the two busiest times of the day. I also noticed that the time you arrived and checked in it was 2:38pm on Saturday. I apologize if you think you were being as you put it; stared down by the wolf pack....we are a friendly bunch and we are here to serve our customers needs and wants. I am glad you had a great service experience, but I can assure you we don’t charge out after customers or try to devoured them alive...we enjoy what we do and we enjoy the customer interaction. I am sorry you thought we were anything but accommodating it really hurts me to read the comments at the beginning of your review, as we have some of the most professional and caring salespeople in the industry that work here and we all take pride on how we take care of our customers. Please if you can understand that everyone in the car business is not bad, yes there are a few bad apples, but I assure you they don’t work here. I would never allow that. Sincerely, Cline Davis, General Manager

Seattle, WA
Verified Customer
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11/01/2012 Category: Service
Fine for an oil change, not much else.
Will only have routine maintenance done here - not happy with mechanical or interior work. Charge way too much for labor.

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