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Thane A. on 03/06/2013
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"poor work ethics and rude about it. "
I went in to get my MG serviced(throttle cable replacement) they did this well, but while it was in the shop i had it looked at for any other flaws and any potential issues that may arise in future. They topped off the oil (two quarts) the viscosity was too high for the engine to be operating in the winter. this minor overlook cost me a valve cover gasket and a cylinder head gasket. The second issue was the that a hose clamp was removed at some point, intentionally or not it was not replaced. Then to top off the entire experience the owner was very rude to me. The only thing that i can say is, if you care about your car don't go to AJs.
Vehicle: MG MGB
Service Date: 02/06/2013
Review Created: 03/06/2013 12:57 PM
David & Mary B. at AJ Foreign Auto responded on 03/21/2013
We contacted this customer directly regarding these accusations and he apologized. We offered proof that we did use the correct oil, as recommended by the MGB Club at this web link- http://mgclub.org/mgtech.htm#Correct Engine Oil And Low Oil Pressure. He said he now understands that we did not put the wrong viscosity oil in the car and did not cause any other problems with the car. At this particular visit, we performed numerous repairs to this 34 year old vehicle and delivered it in 3 business days, at the price quoted. We also serviced this vehicle for it's previous owner for 3 years with no issues. Driving a 34 year old MG as your every day car is a challenge, and it takes a bit of automotive understanding, patients and good judgement to appropriately deal with the little quirks you may experience. If you fix everything on a car of that age, you will surely exceed the value of the car multiple times over.
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