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George M.
Seaside, CA
Ford Ranger
Verified Customer
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10/12/2016 Category: Service
George said he took his vehicle to the business to get looked at and ever since then, the vehicle has not started. He told them because he felt the fuel filter needed to be changed. He called and asked them to add a few more things to the list of his repairs. Since he works long hours, he had his sister pick up his vehicle. He told her what he was expecting to have fixed. When he got his vehicle from his sister, the main issue he wanted fixed was not resolved. His vehicle is still having a hard time starting. He hasn't had a chance to call the business but he will ask for an explanation as to why the main work he wanted was not done. The paperwork puzzled him. The minor things he had asked to be performed on his vehicle were done but not the main repair he wanted. He was also told by them that if he did not get his vehicle repaired soon, it would damage his fuel pump. There is nothing different with his vehicle. His fuel filter might be clogged and it needs to be changed. There is no indication on the report he received that it has been changed. He would not recommend this business. He was highly recommended to this business to get his vehicle repaired and he was not satisfied with the service he received from the business.
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William H.
Carmel, CA
BMW 328is
Verified Customer
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As for the service, it was fantastic. Quick, affordable, and complete. However there was a customer service issue that caused me to walk away before I had taken care of everything I had intended. I was ready to authorize some more diagnostic and repair work. But after a short verbal exchange with the technician, some things were said that caused me to take my business elsewhere.
Mark S. from All Automotive responded on 10/29/2015

To my knowledge Mr Hincks requested a Smog on his 17 year old BMW, we performed that while he waited and his car passed. As for any additional requested work there was none to my knowledge, so?

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