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Angela R.
Dacula, GA
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Horrible service!!!
I called all tire to ask them to fix my pulley and serpentine belt on my car. They told me 167 or less on Friday then on Saturday I brought it up to be fixed and the next guy told me 220 .. he didn't honor the price I was given to begin with and was very rude with ke on the phone.. he was rude until he finished my car and I picked it up. Then the next day the belt came off again and they said they fixed it once it was towed to the store.. no one went under my hood. It stayed in the parking lot!! So they wanted to send me to the dealership to get it fixed instead of them doing it again.. I'm not happy. Cost me more money and this place should be closed down. Everyone is rude there and they do shit work... I am neve or going back there again. If I could sue them I would!!!
Shawn G., Manager from All Tire And Brake responded on 11/10/2018

I am very sorry that you are not satisfied with your visit, but that is not quite the sequence of events. You did ask for a quote for a pulley and belt, but your vehicle actually required the entire tensioner assembly. Thus the difference in cost. A estimate over the phone is sight unseen with zero diagnosing. We cannot and will not promise an exact figure over the phone.

We did pay to tow your car in, after it was slung off by driving through a deep puddle on a rainy day, and upon arrival we re-installed the dismounted belt in plain view of where you were sitting. I also then printed out the Factory Chrysler Technical Service Bulletins that were issued for your van, stating there was a manufacturer defect in the design of the belt system on that engine. I gave you the part numbers to the Upgraded Part Kit that is sold by the Dealer, along with info on possibly gaining from the reimbursement program Chrysler offers customers who have had issues so you could hopefully retrieve some of the investment on your van back. I apologize deeply if anyone came off as rude during your visit. 

jason larkins

Carly R.
Lawrenceville, GA
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I 0/10 recommend going here. Beyond awful service and customer service. They just got a new employee at the front and he has the worst attitude and definitely lacks in the knowledge of customer service skills. Seems to me like they purposely break things just to make you pay more money . NEVER GO HERE YALL .
You’re welcome for saving you a trip

Dacula, GA
Mazda Mazda5
Verified Customer
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I have been a customer for 7 years. This trip I had a belt replaced, a royal flush and two tires. Over $800 worth of work. 1. There was a coupon on their website which they wouldn’t honor. No expiration date. 2. I had to call to see if my car was ready. They were too busy. 3. I called on my way home cause my tire press light was on. They left 15 lbs of air in my new tire with no cap.
Too many excuses to type.
Danny P. from All Tire And Brake responded on 12/16/2017

Sherry I am so sorry you had this experience. As discussed yesterday, the retail price of the Royal Flush on the coupon you referenced was actually cheaper than the coupon itself. So instead of charging you more and honoring the old coupon we felt it was better to save you a few bucks. Also thank you for coming in this morning so we could replace the leaking valve stem that caused your tire pressure issue. We look forward to servicing your vehicles in the future. 

Elisa M.
Dacula, GA
Toyota RAV4
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
10/06/2017 Category: Service
Elisa said the staff did not give her a good diagnosis. She went to another place of business and they fixed the vehicle. She said she would not recommend this business because they were not consistent.
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Barabra B.
Bethlehem, GA
Ford Focus
Verified Customer
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09/25/2017 Category: Service
Barabra said this business told her that her vehicle was out of alignment when it was not.
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Shawn G., Manager from All Tire And Brake responded on 09/28/2017

Hello I apoligize for the misunderstanding that has happened. What the sales person was suggesting for your automobile was the front two tires were worn out and based on the wear of your tires he had suggested to do an alighnment check. Again I apoligized for any confusion that may have occoured. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

Danny Paniccia

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