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Joe V.
Cleveland, OH
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Shady Al
Al should put Shady in front of his name on the sign outside for a true representation on how he operates his business.

I went to Al's auto service asking for a quote to replace a resonator on my exhaust system. They said I needed a complete exhaust system and the price was $450 dollars. I went to Shymske's Auto Center down the street and they installed a resonator on my car for $170 dollars.

I went to Al's auto looking to replace a brake line and they insisted on replacing other lines that were in proper working order. They charged me $400 dollars for something that other repair shops would charge $150 dollars. Lesson learned, get 3 estimates.

Bottom line, Al is a shady character and has no problem selling parts that aren't broken and do a little price gouging when the opportunity presents itself.