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Bronx, NY
Nissan Rogue
Verified Customer
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Inspection machine
Your company uses a inspection process that is misleading and falsely gives failing inspections when there's clearly nothing wrong with the vehicle . I've never had something like this happen based on a sensor not responding. All safety inspections were cleared and all other inspection points were clear expect for one which was do to battery dying and you know this but we fail. Never again will I go to that station.

Brooklyn, NY
Honda Accord Sdn
Verified Customer
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Won't be coming back
Had the ac fixed next day I notice how smoke would come out from the filter as well as the car overhearing which never happen before. Went back for them to tell me that the radiator needed to be replaced because the ac was working too strong. Mind you while they were fixing my ac the man name Víctor came out to tell me that the radiator fluid was low. Didn't know why it would be since it hasn't over heated in years. As well telling me everything around it was good. Wish they could of came straight forward and tell me they messed up but would had rather lose a customer and charge me to get it fix. Won't be coming here again.

Bronx, NY
Ford Expedition
Verified Customer
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Job half done, didn't feel they really wanted to fix my truck
I feel that the tune up I needed could have been done, but wasn't because maybe it was too strenuous and time consuming. I was told my plugs froze and could break off in the motor and I would have to buy a whole new engine. I investigated the situation and came to find out there's a tool called broken spark plug remover and that will solve that problem. Also after I picked up my vehicle the next day from the shop my breaks was squeaking and it was a lot of oil resembling rainbows on my truck windows. I came for help and a little consideration :(

Bronx, NY
Mitsubishi Lancer
Verified Customer
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Disappointed for the job I received
I purchased a groupon for a oil change, tire rotation and a 31 points inspection, and so I call and schedule a appointment and I go and leave my car and when everything finish handed me my keys and paper about the transaction and what they did. I was surprised that he didn't tell me I had a problem in my car since it said I was suppose to get a 31 points inspection and I know I needed to replace my timing belt and a few things but didn't tell me, so I was guessing a 31 point inspection wasn't done, and also my tires wasn't rotated because I had recently had a flat tire on my right front side and when I got home I check to see if I got a rotation and to realize they didn't rotate my tires. For all I know I feel I didn't get a oil change as well and I'm disappointed at this business for not completing the job properly but also shame because there's was no one in it so that mean there was no reason to make up excuses about being pack or anything.

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