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Sean V.
Boise, ID
Toyota Celica
Verified Customer
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03/03/2015 Category: Service
Sean said the business diagnosed his vehicle incorrectly and it cost him $1,700. He is taking his vehicle back. He chose not to elaborate any further.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Kevin W. from Auto Surgeon responded on 03/31/2015

First, We would like to thank Sean Veach for the opportunity to have him as a customer. Here at The Auto Surgeon we strive to make every customer happy with the service that we provide and we apologize for any communication error that may have occured on our part. With that being said we would like to elaborate further on this matter.

Mr. Veach's vehicle came in with a concern that was not easily diagnosed. It was not a simple case of this is broken and this is what it is. Every step of diagnostic led to an issue that had to be resolved before finding that the vehicle had another issue causing the same issue of the vehicle misfiring. Unfortunately, this led to multiple calls to the customer for multiple repairs that fixed one thing but did not fix the concern. Each time the customer was contacted we thoroughly explained what are findings were and why and how we came to each conclusion. This also led to the customer recieving his vehicle not being repaired completely. This type of senario is not typical in the repair world but does occur. To make our point, we ultimately found that the cylinder head had valve seat issues. When we notified the customer of this. He then mentioned "Oh ya, the cylinder head had valve damage previously". Which could have been critical to our diagnostic process had we known the cylinder head had previous damage. Regardless though, to further our point of what is not typical. Even after we replaced the cylinder head, (which we did at a loss to compensate the customer for his trouble), the car still had a misfire due to a coil being defective. Multiple issues, same problem...out of our control.

In closing to this response, we hope that in the end even though the process of having the vehicle from start to finish was not perfect, that it might be a great learning lesson for both The Auto Surgeon and Mr. Veach. The vehicle was finally repaired and in working order when he took it back after bringing it back to us. We acknowledged his concerns and made sure his vehicle was to his liking when he picked it up the second time. We also hope that we may retain him as a customer for future repairs.