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Acworth, GA
Nissan Pathfinder
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Friendly Service
Delivery was arrived on time and deliverer was friendly and professional.

jonathan s.
Kennesaw, GA
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Not very professional
I was told that I needed to buy a whole new vehicle. This is a skit that she is used to saying to too many people. I know this to be the fact, because she she said that same thing to my brother. I'm not sure what the deal is with that. I had to pay before any work got done. I was told I needed a new starter when my starter on that truck was less than 4 months old well in warranty. and then act like they were appalled that I didn't want to pay $280 for a new starter to get installed. even after paying $1,100 Plus they said they couldn't do the first thing until I got a new starter on the truck. this is my opinion a bad way of conducting business.
Eddie and Erica B. from Blackmon Automotive responded on 03/07/2018

Thank you for the review, sir. Though the services have not been performed on the vehicle that you have left in our parking lot for the last month. We will not perform any services on your vehicle that you will not be satisfied with, though. Upon completion of the radiator hose and cylinder head gaskets that are leaking, we will need to be able to start the vehicle. With 25+years of service, we know when a starter does not work, sir. Once you remove and replace your starter, we will then be able to proceed with the completion of the agreed work that your father paid for for you. The cost of your 1993 Dodge Dakota that is in its current condition will be a continuous source for future expenses, and the money that you will have to invest can give you a much more dependable vehicle that will not have obselete parts as this one does right now. Our professional services offer trustworthy advice to all of our clients, rather than trying to continuously take money for costly repairs like other auto repair shops normally do. We are more than happy to proceed with these repairs and will be very satisfied knowing that this will be the last time we perform any services for you and your brother. It sounds like the dishonest and money grabbing chain type of auto repair shops or unliscenced you tube video taught techs may be better suited for your auto repair needs. At this point, we are certainly not appalled that you were shocked at the price of our quality service, repairs, and parts. We normally do not collect any money from our clients until all services have been performed, however, between the costs of parts, repairs, diagnosis, towing for you, and the indefinate reply from you for the last month, we needed a garuntee that would be far more than the cost to send the Dakota to the crusher if we had to.