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Review for Burnsville Auto Repair
Jaeson O. on 07/16/2012
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"What warranty"
I had four new tires installed on my car as well as a wheel alignment from Burnsville Auto Repair on October 27, 2011. I thought $40 off a set of four tires was a good deal. It came with an 18,000 mile 18 month nationwide warranty on their parts and labor. Within six months I had a flat tire caused by a faulty valve stem. I brought the tire in and they immediately took the tire back and replaced the valve stem, no questions asked, didn't even need to fill out any paperwork. A month and a half later on May 29,2012 I had the same problem, but with a different tire. I took it back to get it replaced only this time the employee told me it probably wouldn't hold air and its not going to be covered under the warranty, I took the tire outside and put air into it and it held air but and you could hear hissing coming from the valve stem so I got the valve stem replaced for free. July 15, 2012 less then nine months of their supposed 18 month warranty (11,000 miles driven), while driving to work, on the highway going 60 miles per hour a third of the four tires goes flat. I pull over and put the spare on and drive it to a gas station to put air in it to see if it would hold air and it did. So i sprayed soapy water on the tire to see if I could find the leak, and it was bubbling from the valve stem. This time I took it back and the owner, Perry Linn, tells me that the tire isn't covered this time because it was driven on with low air. I told him the air leaked out of the tire that day, through the valve stem of the tire, while i was driving to work. Perry still refused to honor his warranty. Perry then tells me that i did not get the road hazard extended warranty on the tires, and because it was driven on with low air (as I pulled to the side of the road, to not endanger my self or other motorists) it is not covered under their warranty. I explained to Perry that I was on the highway going 60 miles per hour when it started leaking. Then Perry tells me the tire was not covered because I didn't get new valve stems when I got the four new tires. I was never asked about new valve stems when i got the tires installed. Every time I have bought new tires, the valve stems are included in the price quote of the tires and service. I never declined to have new valve stems installed. If I am paying money for all four new tires of course I would have paid an extra couple dollars for new valve stems. If the valve stems were never replaced and were not under warranty then why did they replace the valve stems the other two times. Shady
Service Date: 07/15/2012
Review Created: 07/16/2012 11:37 AM
PERRY L. at Burnsville Auto Repair responded on 07/17/2012
I am sorry Mr. Otjen feels we are not taking care of him, but he declined both valve stems and the Tire Protection Plan on the tires and now he needs both and we won't cover it because he didn't pay for either one. The first one was done to take care of Jaeson even though he had not paid for valve stems but now, 10 months later he has another one go bad and destroyed the tire. Had he paid the extra for the valve stems this would not have even happened and had he purchased the Tire Protection Plan he would have been covered had it happened.