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Review for Burnsville Auto Repair
LIZ D. on 03/19/2012
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"recent estimate"
I hate to give negative feedback but I have to be honest. I recently came in for an estimate. My car was "hiccuping" and acting like it was going to stall out. Upon finishing the $100 estimate your shop came back with a $730 estimate which included a fuel injection cleaning. When I spoke to another shop they highly recomended NOT getting a fuel injection cleaning; not only was it probably unnecessary but more than likely someting the shop just added on to make $. This was VERY dissapointing to hear. As a woman, I know a little about cars but I put my trust in the people who work on it, plus you are in my neighborhood and I would have liked to continued coming there. After getting a $200 tune-up, a tank of good gas and a bottle of fuel injector cleaner my car is running like new. I feel taken advantage of and will not be returning to your shop, nor recommending it.
Vehicle: Subaru Outback
Service Date: 02/20/2012
Review Created: 03/19/2012 05:05 PM
PERRY L. at Burnsville Auto Repair responded on 03/22/2012
I am truly sorry you feel taken advantage of because that is not the intention. We have been servicing fuel injectors and have seen the great results after servicing the injectors and owners have stated that the car has the power and response it had when new. If you google fuel injection cleaning on the internet, you will find many mixed reviews. Some say it is a waste and others bragging it up. I do it to my own vehicle and seen it work and believe in it.